Permaculture Cottage ~ The Pantry

Sweetcorn harvested over the weekend…this is the native American corn, called ‘Painted Mountain,’ and is very colourful!

I will save some of the corn seeds for planting next year…

Heaps and heaps of windfalls… planting apple trees is cheap and easy and all you do is wait for the windfall! Ha! Ha!…I love it. Simple, easy and so very permaculture!

And more apples in the pantry…buckets of them…free food, good food and not a corporation in sight!

Free-range eggs with deep orange yolks and pumpkins in the pantry today…it’s starting to fill up as the  harvest comes in…

Bountiful Blackcurrants…waiting to be turned into jam, chutney, wine et al, rest in the freezer in the Pantry.


  1. I love the harvest season!!! And when I saw your first photo my jaw dropped because I was just about to photograph MY corn and post it to my blog! Great minds think alike, so they say 🙂 My multicolored popcorn is just gorgeous this year.

    Your apples look soooo much nicer than mine! I don’t spray, etc. either, and mine get all wormy/buggy. But they do taste wonderful (the apples, not the worms!).

    • Haha! What you need in your garden is as much biodiversity as you can possibly cram in…and grease strips around the trunks of the fruit trees to make it difficult for bugs to crawl up…

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