A Life in the Country ~ The Bealtaine Cottage Girls are having a Bath!

The hens are having a dust bath in the barn!

I caught them unexpectantly as I was passing…

This is one of the best aspects of keeping hens…getting to see what they’re really like…and liking them even more for it!

Keeping hens is very little work if everything is done well from the start. That means a solid hen-house and enclosure for when they cannot roam in the gardens and this can be, for example, when friends with dogs visit…I once had a beautiful cockerel savaged by a friend’s dog…we fell out afterwards!

So here are three very happy girls…enjoy!


  1. So cool! Mine are all over the place at the mo, no neighbours dogs out here! they don’t get locked up again until the spring, and oh they love the barn and keep all the straw under the cows all; fluffy and turned over. they are my housekeepers! well barnkeepers actually! c

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