A Grievous Sin

midwinter cottage 012The biggest threat to our food security lurks in the shadowy depths of the Halls of Power…the buildings housing the European Parliament in Brussels.

www.bealtainecottage.com 037You may or may not be aware of something called The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

www.bealtainecottage.com 002TTIP is a trade agreement presently being negotiated between the European Union and the United States.

www.bealtainecottage.com 006In my estimation, this will allow full and unfettered access to our food production, from multi-national corporations, such as Monsanto, that carry the weapon of GMOs.

Polytunnel at Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardens in April 2013I call this manifestation of utter madness, GMOs, a weapon, because that is precisely what it is…and a weapon that will cause more devastation to the environment than anything concocted in laboratories ever before!

An early bee in April 2013 at bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensThis is already the case in the US, as small farmers, producing Organic food, are hauled before courts accused of property rights violations by Monsanto.

April 2011. Permaculturecottage 001Monsanto claims ownership of any plant material infected by their GMOs!

April 2011 Earth Day at bealtaine cottage permaculture gardensOnce this insidious and odious polluted seed of mass destruction is unleashed into the environment of Europe, supported in Law by the TTIP, then the takeover will be fast-tracked by our own governments, who are mandated by us to protect us, not US Corporate interests!

April  Bealtaine Cottage PolytunnelThe countdown to the ultimate weapon of mass control and destruction is under way.

April 2011 Bealtaine 001You need to know what is happening.

April 2011 Bealtaine 011Knowledge is power.

April 2011 Bealtaine 003For my part, I will not comply with any law that says a corporation controls and profits from the very essence of life itself…seed.

April 2011 bealtaine Cottage 042For their part, all they have done is take the seed of the Divine Creator and pollute it.

April Bealtaine Cottage 2011 004That, in my eyes, is a grievous sin.

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  1. Australia is prostituting itself to the TTIP and TPP too. The idea that a corportation can sue the government if it tries to change a law that affects the companies profits is ludicrous. That our governments think this is a good idea is beyond belief and shows once and for all who is truly in charge of running our countries. As for power to Monsatan (I cannot call them anything else), next thing you know we will be seeking permission from them to live as we will have those mutant genes inside our bodies from eating their contaminated poisonous foods! 🙁

  2. I’ve written quite a comprehensive letter to our local paper regarding TTIP etc. I doubt that mainscream Dublin papers would print it – they are all part of the same TTIP push.

    We can defeat this – we all have to talk to our TDs and MEPs and express outrage. Such an agreement was defeated in the 1990s.



  3. Hello, you might be surprised to know that there are hundreds of groups in the US that are as concerned about this threat. They are fighting to get the word to people about the GMO slaughter . To me thos is an attempt to slaughter. Please know that people in America are well aware and doing something. So so much corruption world wide is a road block.
    Thank you for all you do.

  4. As David killed Goliath, one day these companies are going to hit the deck. They might be hugely and terrifyingly powerful but there is always a way. I am with you on the grievous sin. A sin against mankind in the name of profit. THAT is evil!

  5. I should be surprised by your article but I’m not, I don’t have any faith or belief in governments or systems. What your article did do to this home grower of veggies is to make me curious about permaculture. Love your chant – Be the revolution . Once question do you allow dogs to join, (Bob is very taken with carrots and stawberries, fresh off the plant.)

  6. Yes, these corporate powers seem eager to export the worst of our food system to you and import the worst of yours (seed restrictions.) The new TTIP rules will force a race to the bottom, where corporations will only have to get their plunder laws past in one location and they will be enforced across all continents. Soon, American “pink slime” will be coming to a store near you!


    On another note, Collete, I would like to write a short article about you and Bealtaine for Van-Kal Permaculture’s website. VKP is just a non-profit, informal group of Permaculture enthusiasts from Southwest Michigan. I’d also like to use a few pictures from your blog to entice people to come here and check you out. Would that be ok?

      • Hi Colette, I have been following your site for a few weeks now and I must thank you for your inspirational example. I am in awe of your ability to inform without the usual hopelessness that I often feel in view of some of these predicaments that modern life is throwing our way. This TTIP agreement has gotten no publicity at all in the US. In my minor research into it this morning I saw this quote that was listed under the supposed “Pros” of the potential legislation: “Some industries would benefit more than others. For example, drug companies would cut costs if there were only one agreed-upon drug testing program for the U.S. and EU. Similarly, the market for electric cars would greatly improve if there were only one standard. If the EU loosened its ban against genetically modified agricultural products, it would greatly benefit American agribusiness.” I couldn’t believe that anyone would think that was a “Pro” or an advantage. And under the “Con” points was that Americans would lose jobs but that was supposedly offset by the “growth” in the GDP it would cause. What a bunch of double speak. The only ones that will be advantaged are the mega corporations (especially drug companies and the largest agribusiness) who will have even more control than ever and the ones will lose are the 99% of all humans and Mother Earth. Gardeners/farmers of the world should unite against this. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention and please know that there are many many Americans who are with you and your words will be spread here as well. I live just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico and our eco-systems couldn’t be more different. But our hearts are together in the preservation of the earth first and power to the seeds that are provided freely to anyone willing to save them. Keep up the good work. Jan Deligans

        • Thanks for the info you posted here Jan…it is quite incredible to realise that the corps are that blatant. Information is power…spread it out for all to know! I have lived enough to know that good will always triumph, even when the odds appear to be stacked floor to ceiling!
          Blessings XXX

        • Don’t give into FEAR…your emotions&thoughts are HUGELY POWERFUL….
          The media is awash with fearmongering…..ever heard of food for thought? That is how the unscrupulous ones have ruled society.. for so many years. Retrain your mind/thoughts to be Positive. …it is our only weapon…Imagine our Freedom into Reality. Blessings.

  7. It’s desperate, the biggest threat to our well being we face. Nature, however, will not allow it for long. I hope people wake up and become prepared to support themselves?

  8. This morning, I subscribed to the magazine, “Ethical Consumer”. Very interesting reading I have to say. Did you know that the MEP’s have voted to include GM pollen as part of the “natural” honey, and not as a separate ingredient.To be fair, some of them abstained and others didn’t attend, but I believe the ruling has been passed. Another nail in the coffin for Bees.

  9. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Colette shares some important thoughts on the TTIP treaty under as secret negotiations as the dreaded TPP on the other side of the US. “I call this manifestation of utter madness, GMOs, a weapon, because that is precisely what it is…and a weapon that will cause more devastation to the environment than anything concocted in laboratories ever before!” I’ve posted before about flushing the TPP down the toilet with strong intention for purging magick, but that suggestion holds true for all these treaties, including the big one they’re based upon: Codex Alimentarius. Where’s the vanishing cream and banishing scream? Are we really going to give these sickos total control over our food? Not if I can help it. … But it will take strong determination, non-compliance, intention and a willingness to fight for real food. Julian Rose’s book, “In Defense of Life” calls this what it is — a fight for life. How much do we value that?

  10. It is worse than just the GMO seed part. It removes any local authority when it comes to Fracking, drilling etc. Anything that might interfere with their profits is forbidden. The TPP basically hands the planet to the corporations. Well, makes it official. It could be argued they already control everything. It is an insidious bill which of course is why they want to ‘fast track’ it and sneak it through before we realize what it is. But slowly the word is getting out and people are starting to take action. It is terrifying in so many ways. We MUST stop this! Thanks for spreading the word.

    • That’s how I read this as well, ie not just a threat to seeds (though its certainly that). Its a threat to anything that Big Business doesn’t like. Who needs democratically-elected governments when they can stand in the way of Big Business AT PRESENT? (I am saying that cynically – with tongue very much in cheek there). But Big Business does indeed seem to think it should dictate how things are – rather than our own Governments.

  11. There are petitions that you can sign through OpenMedia, AVAAZ and other organizations to stop the TPP from happening. Please sign and share with your friends.

  12. Anyone who recognizes and respects nature finds agreement working WITH nature and not against it. Corporations like Monsanto are not nature’s friends. Not only do they mess with the plant genetics, but their “fruit” continue to poison the rest of the environment and nature’s creatures who are ALL a part of life here on our planet. Other than corporate greed, there is no reason for such modification. 🙁 ~ Blessings! 🙂

      • Speaking as a priest, I have over the past couple of years been trying to warn ‘our’ people against the evils of Monsanto, Syngenta and their like. One could say that I’m a strong supporter of Vandana Shiva in that respect. Now, with the TPP and TTIP ever-lomming, the fight is even more urgent and desperate.

  13. Yes it is a grievous sin and a dark insidious evil. America has been fighting against this for years. You won’t hear about the struggle from the news media’s. The resistance to this evil is something that the elite powers do not want exposed to the light of day. The internet seems to be the only way to document and encourage this resistance.


    East Texas

    • I agree with all that is written and urge you NOT to get to the stage we are in the USA! Before long we will be exchanging seeds black market style! I try to do my part and share everything on FB so to make others aware. Trouble is it has all become about money! The corporations want more and the ‘people’ want more for less. Therefore buying GMO tainted vegetables for pennies on the dollar seems like a good deal to the majority of folk, rather than pay more for the lettuce that is still a true lettuce! I hear so many people say “But I can;t afford to buy organic” when in truth they are paying with their health (and believe me it ain’t cheap to be sick in the USA!) by eating so many manufactured and altered food.

    • This nearly has me in tears, but I know that God is in control (even though man thinks he is). Another concern that I have is actually something another commenter made about the internet being a way for us to document and resist this… “they” will (try to) control that source as well. Then our ways of communicating will change as well.

      South Carolina

    • I also regard it as a grievous sin and confess my sympathies would lay fully with anyone whose crop got contaminated by M*nsanto wanting to ram some of their polluted crop straight down the throats of the evil “beings” who can think its acceptable to try and punish other people for what they inflicted on them in the first place. From which, you can gather, I am shocked and definitely angry with this awful firm.

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