The Waxing Moon on Christmas Eve


Evening approaches.


The Eve of Christmas…Christmas Eve.


A new moon rises on the day after Winter Solstice.

This is the third day after the New Moon.

Today it is known as the waxing Moon.


It is always a time of hope and optimism.


I have just returned from town and the craziness of shoppers who are ill at ease, attempting to buy food and fripperies they may not even use, for the siege mentality has taken hold.


In reality, most shops are closed for only two days, but we have been conditioned to be reliant on shops rather than ourselves and neighbours.


Yet the beauty is there to behold and it’s not found in shopping centres, that’s for sure!


Step out, look up!

Better still, go for a walk and try to get into the real darkness, so that when you look up you can really see the glory in the heavens.

Blessings to you all X

Thanks for your appreciation.


  1. Bah and humbug!
    Nearly through Collette….the ice maiden will thaw soon or burn in hell! Happy days..tidings of comfort and joy! gggrrrrrr

  2. Lucky you who had such a clear sky on Xmas Eve! Here in the southwest of France it was a cloudy, misty, grey day – and night… Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics! Blessings. Nadine

  3. The new camera takes great photos in the dark! I had been out for a walk before dinner today and the moon is particularly beautiful on this clear night. I didn’t know it was called a waxing moon. Everyday is a school day 🙂 Merry Christmas Colette !

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