1. The more I see and hear the more I read, the conspiracy theories sound more like fact rather than theories, keep up the good work

  2. Sadly, its true here in the US as well. Here the US government is now keeping farmers from saving their own seeds as they have done for centuries, The gov’t is trying to stop the small egg and honey producer from selling their non-GMO wares on their own property. They are cloning our foods and refuse to label those that are GMO. But we who care are going underground. Many of us now grow our own food or buy locally, many of us grow and process our own antibiotic/growth hormones free meats or buy a “share” from a grower who does likewise. We pick enough organic fruit and freeze it for the year. We are protecting the lives of our grand children and great grandchildren and marching against fracking or suing in the court of law when we cannot. We will not be bought nor told what to eat or how to live our lives.

    • We are a growing band of like-minded people across the globe…and in the end, Mother Earth will not be tolerant of what is being done to her…deep down we know that and are trying to live as close to her as possible. bless your work and efforts. Blessings XXX Colette

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