On My Way!

I’m on my way home…and looking forward to reaching Bealtaine Cottage on Saturday!

I will post a blog about it all on Saturday evening.

New subscribers to Bealtaine Cottage Good Life will be signed up once I reach my desk!

Blessings and Big smiles from Colette XXXXXXXXXXX


  1. Whew, I thought I had lost you there for a moment and I was bereft. I don’t know the details, maybe it is none of my business, I am just glad your back., Hopefully, it was a vacation or some other fun trip, I so enjoy your blogs. Thank you for sharing. I live in an apartment in the DC area, and while we (my spouse and I) have all manner of flowers, I can’t have the veggie garden I would like. Ah well. But I can share yours and that is such a comfort,

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