Lughnasa Eve Blessings

lughnasa at 010

Today is the final day of summer in the Celtic Calendar…Happy Lughnasa!

lughnasa at 029

May the days of harvest be filled with abundance and delight!

lughnasa at 024

As the Earth offers up her bounty, may your heart be filled with thanks.

lughnasa at 031

Enjoy the coolness of the early morning air as the days move inexorably toward Autumn.

lughnasa at 036

Take time to preserve your harvest for the months ahead…

lughnasa at 034

Bless you all!

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  1. Your passion for, and connection with Mother Nature ‘jumps from the page’. Your writing is varied and interesting, and very professional. Slainthe

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  2. Is there any set number of stones to have in a stone circle? It looks like yours is 13. What is the significance?

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  3. The only thing I have to harvest this year is love. There is plenty around me. Hugs and blessings to you as well. I saw the moon in my face this morning at 2 am. It was stunning and bright.

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  4. Blessings to you too Colette. A beautiful Full Blue Moon above the house tonight bringing expansion and amplification which I hope will affect the garden also. Freezer is full, making jams and pickles, chutneys and saurkraut. Flowers everywhere and new ones this year that i have never seen before. May your harvest be large and tasty. x

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    1. Beautifully conveyed XXX Blessings

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