How to Make a Biodegradable Willow Wreath…easy and free!

Adding Ivy…symbol of the spiral path of the Self…

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Cut a range of willow stems, including Dogwood and any other bendy shrubs or woods you can easily access and lay them on the floor to grade them in length.

Take a long length of green willow and made a circle, twisting the spare of the length around the circle.

Following this,  insert another long length as you can see, and twist this around the circle.

Twisting long lengths to start the circle, strengthens the hoop and makes it easier to follow on with shorter pieces.

You can keep adjusting the circle to make it as round as possible.

The willow will bend and shape quite readily.

Keep adding in lengths, inserting the thick end in between the woven lengths.

Excess pieces of willow can be snipped off as you go or at the end of the work.

Try to keep the shape balanced by rotating the wreath, not inserting…

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6 thoughts on “How to Make a Biodegradable Willow Wreath…easy and free!

  1. Hi Colette, have tried unsuccessfully to donate to your good life site via credit card. Is it possible to send me your postal address via email, will then forward donation via cheque. Best wishes Fred

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  2. Thanks Colette, this is a good tutorial, I am going to try it. Would you be able to also explain how you did those living willow arches you have created everywhere? I love them, I would love to know what you did, they look magical!

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    • Simple and easy! Cut long pieces of Willow. Insert straight into the earth. Bind and twist the tops together to form an arch and repeat until you have the depth and thickness you want. Water well and feed.


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