As the IMF Orders Ireland to CUT DOWN her TREES…A Dire Situation

Hard to believe this was three years ago…and we’re caught in the same mire!

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Angels in the rain at Bealtaine Cottage

The rain is torrential.

I have just taken these pictures as the rain stopped.

Last year was very wet here in the west of Ireland.

Adaptation to the change in climate is under-way.

Raised beds are made and more are planned.

As I write, the rain has begun again and in between the sun shines.

Climate change is here.

Climate Change and weatherThe weather patterns are unpredictable in all except extreme weather expected!

Our governments should have instigated national tree-planting on a war-footing scale, with all available funds channelled into our life-boat…Earth!

Billions of £/$ for war as the killing of human beings continues and our planet slowly expires!

In a dire situation like this, we must take hold of the reins ourselves and plant trees, grow food and permaculture the lifeboat that is our planet.

Plant trees in IrelandHere in Ireland, where I live, the government is aware that Ireland has the least tree cover…

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4 thoughts on “As the IMF Orders Ireland to CUT DOWN her TREES…A Dire Situation

  1. What is really frightening, is that politicians have no connection to or understanding of the earth, either that which we walk on or the whole planet. Neonicotinoids have seeped through the soil beyond the farmers fields and are in the verges and hedgerows, poisoning all as it goes. Our politicians are a bunch of idiots whose only thought is their own personal wealth and inflated ego’s. The truth of it is that they are following basic animal instincts. The more power you have, the better the choice of females! I really believe it’s as simple as that. Intelligent men do not seek power. Rant over!

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