In The End…

DSC02270I know I should not have gone out today!

DSC02269I know in retrospect, on reflection, it was a mistake…

DSC02199I had already heard something on the morning news, a tail-end of some report…something about an animal being killed, and I thought, Oh gosh, here we go again!

DSC02200Anyway, what happened was  I decided to go into town, taking one of my grandsons into Sligo. DSC02202Later on, I was waiting around for him to meet me at the car, when I decided to go into the Newsagent and see if I could get hold of one of the broadsheets for a good read!

DSC02203What a mistake…the papers were mostly head-lined with the news of the killing and other dreadful stuff.

DSC02204I could hardly avoid the image…on one particular paper there was this image on the front cover of this beautiful Bear…this beautiful, beautiful Bear, dying, impaled on a spear.

DSC02206The horror that was man, hovering over the magnificent creature, like some dreadful Nosferatu…gloating, menacing, triumphant!

Not a sight that anyone wants to have inflicted upon their vision!

Very disturbing!

DSC02207As I write this, the Bear is dead.

DSC02208The beautiful soul of that incredibly extraordinary creature has passed into the heart of the Great Mother, the Universal Consciousness…Mother Earth.

DSC02211The man…that dreadfully twisted, sickening human being who destroyed that incredible life, lives on…

DSC02212And as I look around my gardens and walk among the trees, with Jack, I’m reminded of the importance of love in this world.

DSC02213The longer I am here at Bealtaine…and this is the longest I have ever lived in one place…

…the more I realise that what Mother Earth is crying out for, to all her sentient beings, but especially to us, for it has taken such a very long time for Her to evolve us…

DSC02215A species that has the right and the left brain thinking… though invariably we invoke the left brain… DSC02217…but we have the right brain, we have the capacity for compassion and love…

DSC02218And at this point in time, Mother Earth needs us to bring into conscientiousness our right brains! DSC02219For we need to express love and understanding and compassion and beauty and creation… and all those deep qualities that link us to the Divine.  

DSC02221That’s all I have to say…that’s my prayer, my daily prayer!

DSC02222Christopher Hitchens was right… “In the end there is only love…”

DSC02223This is what I show and remind my grandchildren.

This is what I try to live…a life of love.

DSC02225My love is there for Mother Earth and all her sentient beings…

But, especially, especially the ones that cannot talk.

We are duty-bound to speak for them.


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  1. It is very upsetting and very disturbing that the killing of animals such as the Bear, the Elephant and the large Cats seems to be a popular past-time amongst people who have such empty and unfulfilled lives that they try desperately to boost their inner selves by killing animals far more dignified and beautiful than they are. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If nasty tabloids can put this kind of news on their front pages, and these events are discussed as outrageous and disgraceful then there must be a change in thinking taking place. The majority of people clearly are upset by this and they/we are going to do something about it. Conversations are being had and we – the humans – are mainly in agreement that this so called “sport” cannot and should not continue.

  2. I can’t say anything better than the other commenters have done here. A friend of mine on Facebook posted that she had just des this blog and how it had moved her. We see the pain within you (and us) when we face these awful situations and have to deal with the majority of humans and their “don’t care” attitude. All we can be is a beacon of light and love. I strive to do my best for Gaia, my Mother Nature, not because it will make a difference (in the scheme of things) but because I want her to know I care.

  3. When Garech and I visited you, I felt a great sense of love from you, Bealtaine, Jack and Sammy. And it allowed me to feel the love in myself again. I’m reminded of that feeling every time I see one of your photos on Facebook. I feel you are doing the most important job in the world encouraging love, connection and beauty in everyone and every being. I, too, find it really difficult to see cruelty to animals, nature and other humans. The media want us to believe that is all there is but it isn’t the only reality thankfully. Keep spreading the love and beauty. Carol x

  4. It is impossible to understand why? Millions of animals are killed every day, either for unnecessary food, or so called entertainment. Both are heartbreaking. I recently stopped using the internet as much because I couldn’t take any more heartbreak at seeing pictures and stories of animal abuse.
    I give donations to animal charities that I think do most to help, including Peta and Soi Dog and of course there are many other deserving charities. Apart from that and signing endless petitions, there is little more I can do, oh and apart from being vegan. Certainly spending hours crying, (as I have done) does no good at all. As I’ve got older, It seems natural to love and appreciate all animals, insects and vegetation. As you say Colette we are all one and the same.

    • You have reminded me to send love out to all in need whenever something so dreadful as this comes to my attention…sending love in mindfulness helps mend the chaos and brutality… Blessings XXX

  5. Before reading the post and seeing all the pictures of Jack, I was afraid something had happened to your dear boy. After reading this post, I am relieved but in agreement that too many people don’t see our connection with other creatures (whether animals or other people). Everything in Nature is thought to be for our “use” whether for sport, entertainment, etc. In the process, humans have destroyed so much–land, waterways, air, etc. The response too often is “hat’s the way it’s always been.” However, you, Collette, and others like you are proof there is a better way. Keep doing what you’re doing, pushing against the “norm,” showing the right way.

  6. My heart turned to a darker hue a long time ago and my soul shrivelled up with disgust. It’s hard to feel love and compassion when all around you there is evident hatred and hostility…

  7. It’s happening more and more often here in B.C. as well, the destruction of wild animals and their habitats. Humans encroach upon bear’s territory, mother bear tries to protect her cubs, mother bear is “euthanized” as our media calls the killing, and then the cubs, if they are saved at all, are sent to “rehabilitation” centres, to hopefully be re-introduced to the wild. But things are so out of balance in the natural world, because of the proliferation of humans and their controlling ways! Hunting of black bears and grizzlies is still allowed here in B.C. Somehow, along with having compassion and love for other species, we have to respect their right to be on the planet, and leave them large, undisturbed spaces to live in. This should ideally be taught to young children in schools everywhere. Ideally! Here’s a quotation from a book which gives me hope, “The Great Work”, by Thomas Berry:
    “We begin to understand our human identity with all the other modes of existence that constitute with us the single universe community. The one story includes us all. We are, everyone, cousins to one another. Every being is intimately present to and immediately influencing every other being.”
    Thank you, Colette, for the opportunity to comment on your wonderful post.

  8. so well said…. i am heartbroken just reading your words but sadly this kind of brutality goes on each and every day – it happens here too and sickens me every time i hear about it…. and speaking of regal animals – how is it that Jack looks so sadly empathetic and wise in todays pictures? Is it as if he can almost read your mind, your thoughts??? Give him an extra hug or two.. i think he is feeling your pain too

  9. Dear Author, This is by far the most beautiful piece I’ve had the pleasure of reading in ages. Your magical photos and soulful writing brought tears to my eyes. I am feeling with you, for you, and for all humanity. There are no words that can soothe the raw places in us after such unthinkable crimes against beautiful, sentient beings. I think of all animals as my forbears. Thank you for putting this out here with such gentleness and truth; it has so deeply touched my heart. I am grateful for you and I intend to send in a pledge of monetary support -even in my time of lack –or perhaps especially in it. Resonating deeply with the tragic loss of this most beautiful bear, as I hear the echoes of it landing on many who are now connecting with the heartache of cruelty, which is, in one way or another, no matter where we live –affecting us all on a frightfully grand scale. “We are duty-bound to speak for them,” indeed. In gratitude ~Leslie

  10. As I was reading this my heart broke, I just can’t understand how people can do what some do……it’s shameful. 💔

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