Bog Oak Pendant Selection

Listed below you will find the selection of pendant types I am creating.

Each pendant is handcrafted, so no two are the same.

The thong can be adjusted.

There are four types: Celtic Knot, Goddess, Mushroom or Monolith.

Please email me with your choice once payment is made.

If you have already ordered and prepaid, please email me with your choice.

My email is :

Celtic Knot
Monolith (Close-up)

Some of the Monoliths are engraved with symbols…this is part of my creative process, as I work with the ancient wood.

I cannot engrave to order…my apologies.

However, the Monolith is strong enough to take a symbol you may choose to add yourself.

Celtic Knot

Ancient Bog Oak Pendant

Hand crafted by Colette at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland, each one unique. Preorders are being accepted and you will be notified when your pendant is ready to post. Please choose your type of pendant when placing your order. Confirm via an email to me at The cost includes shipping worldwide.



  1. Seat Colette
    IT Looks great and very powerfull
    Greetings from Daggy,Kiel,Germany
    Blessings to you and Jack

  2. I make jewelry for my shop , funny I choose the goddess and mushroom charms. Almost exactly like those. The bog oak really sets off the charms beautifully.

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