Bog Oak Pendant Selection

Listed below you will find the selection of pendant types I am creating.

Each pendant is handcrafted, so no two are the same.

The thong can be adjusted.

Celtic Knot
Monolith (Close-up)

Some of the Monoliths are engraved with symbols…this is part of my creative process, as I work with the ancient wood.

I cannot engrave to order…my apologies.

However, the Monolith is strong enough to take a symbol you may choose to add yourself.

Celtic Knot

Please click on this link for an up to date list of what is available:

Bealtaine Cottage Books and Bog Oak Pendants


  1. Seat Colette
    IT Looks great and very powerfull
    Greetings from Daggy,Kiel,Germany
    Blessings to you and Jack

  2. I make jewelry for my shop , funny I choose the goddess and mushroom charms. Almost exactly like those. The bog oak really sets off the charms beautifully.

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