Day 52 of WFPB Lifestyle

It’s almost two months since the end of my 100 day juice fast. For all of my life before I have dieted, lost weight and then, in the space of a month or two, put it all back on again! I’m sure that if you have ever suffered with weight issues, you completely get what I’m talking about here! This time, after losing a massive amount of weight over the course of 100 days, something amazing has happened…I have not gained a single pound back over the past 52 days of eating! Not only that, but, I have continued to…

Upcycled Fashion

I took my own advice today…see the motto at the top of the website page…and created this… And yes, the motto is some of the best advice one could ever act upon! So, I present to you my Celtic Dream Coat… Made from 100% recycled materials. This is called upcycling! For lovers of Bealtaine Cottage and all aspects of ancient Celtic life and Goddess Permaculture found therein, there is a second website, growing daily and now with over 90 new blogs and several thousands of unseen photographs, as well as podcasts and stories… Visit: Bealtaine Cottage Good Life Membership~ Subscribe Today!