Old Year’s Night…Celtic Samhain


Between two worlds, that of Summer and of Winter, rests Samhain.  Samhain, (pronounced “Sow-when”) is the most important time in the Ancient Irish (and Celtic) Calendar. The time of Samhain starts at dusk, when the light and dark are in balance. This was never regarded as a time of death, but a time of incubation […]

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New Year’s Message from Bealtaine Cottage


Be happy. Work hard. Laugh out loud. Help others. Be kind. Give compliments… Words can be powerful and so very important for others to hear…use them well! +++++++++++++ This website, Bealtaine Cottage, is free and has over 850 blogs, as well as over 3,500 photographs.  My new website, Bealtaine Cottage Good Life, is a mere 12 […]

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Voices in the Mist

The day has changed in a matter of hours. Sunshine and mist blankets cover the mountain opposite Bealtaine Cottage. Then the mist grew in huge swathes, quickly covering the mountain. The valley became still and silent…so silent that small noises and voices began to travel in echoes. I darted in and out of the cottage […]

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With Love

The hands of the clock move forward, inexorably towards the first day of the New year. I sit in the quiet, listening to the low singing of the kettle on the range, looking forward to toasting this New Year with a cup of tea. Few people admit to being quietly on their own. It seems […]

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A Year at Bealtaine…part 2

Nine years of planting trees into barren, north-facing land has now awoken a magical earth, with paths that lead forever among dappled shade. And every now and then open up into a secret garden… …or two… Some paths get overgrown fast as Nature’s abundance keeps giving. The thousands of plants all jostle for space… and […]

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New Moon, New Year…All Change!

The time of a New Moon is a time to set intention for the coming month. We start this New Year with a New Moon in Capricorn, a very auspicious beginning, a fresh start! It is rare that a New Year begins at the same time as a Lunar New Year, so, in preparation, I am clearing space […]

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Where Do We Go From Here?


Bealtaine After Samhain As we approach the end of another year, reflection begins to take form. As many of you know, I do not have a television and rarely tune into the radio, so, perhaps, I find myself with more time and silence to reflect and think. From the little I have experienced this year […]

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The Consciousness of All Things

There is a stillness in the air tonight…a preamble towards Imbolc. These last days of the Winter in the Celtic Cycle are a time of reflection… Spirals fascinate me, as they fascinate so many people. We are drawn towards them. They mean something to us, something we have forgotten. My Celtic ancestors carved Sacred Spirals […]

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