Yule and the Turning of the Wheel

bealtaine cottage dec 11 007

Origins of Yule The great Festival of Yule, beginning at the time of the Winter Solstice and lasting for a full twelve days, summed up the cycle of the Celtic year. The word Yule, according to the Venerable Bede, came from the Norse word Iul meaning ‘wheel’ and suggested that this was the time when […]

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Moving with Orion Towards Midwinter

The signs are everywhere… Nights drawing in… Unexpected sunshine on frosted mornings. The bare beauty of trees silhouetted against clear winter skies.  As Orion strides across the evening sky, we draw closer to the Winter Solstice and the darkest, stillest, nights of the year. Winter Solstice celebrations begin on the 21st of December, a time […]

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January at the Cottage

Re-cycling The cottage is warm and cosy, thanks to heaps of old timber  collected over the summer months. Old wood flooring, pallets and posts have been stock-piled. Most were sodden wet, but have dried out well and give off super heat! You may be wondering at the pic…yes, it snowed a little today and this […]

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