Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage in February

Stone Circle at Bealtaine Cottage

The strength of the sun shining on the stone circle is quite powerful.

No need to wear a coat today as I work in the permaculture gardens.

Frost that had settled on the roof of the cottage during the night dissipated early as the sun rose and illuminated the trees.

re-cycled tile floor in Bealtaine CottageAt this time of year the change in the seasons can be quite dramatic as the sun warms the interior of the cottage, making the need for  a fire to be set in the stove unnecessary.

Euphorbia at Bealtaine CottageNear the back of the cottage, Euphorbia begins to make a show.

The yellow and lime green aliens will be making an appearance very soon!

This is the time to sow seeds and chit early potatoes, so there’s lots of work in the tunnel.

There’s heaps of Willow still to be cut.

Woolen gloves, hand knitted at Bealtaine CottageI’m busy indoors knitting finger-less gloves for sale in my Etsy shop.

To order only…already knitting a pair for a friend who has coveted these…they are immensely warm!

As well as that I am sorting through my extensive library…books are taking over the cottage, so it may be time to offer some for sale in the Etsy shop.

Rhubarb in a permaculture gardenRhubarb is making progress and a crumble looks to be fixed on the March horizon!

Willow wigwam in a permaculture garden in FebruaryI made a willow wigwam the other day and put up a short video about it on YouTube.

This one will be used to support beans in one of the potager beds this summer.

Now is the time to plant willow in your garden!Full Moon at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

Last night was a full moon and it was very cold…a reminder for me to close the doors of the tunnel before it gets dark!Bealtaine Cottage Kilronan Mountain in Feb

And looking forward to another beautiful morning in this special time before the Equinox.

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How To Make A Willow Wigwam Plant Support…for Free!

Place a tyre on the ground.

This acts as a guide to the size of the wigwam.

Insert poles of Willow, Hazel or Ash into the ground around the tyre…it helps if the ground is soft!

Tie the poles together at the top, string will do, but I use a few thin ‘whips’ of Willow!

Now, you can begin weaving…

Starting with a long stem of Willow, begin to weave in and out between the poles.

Each strip woven in will begin to strengthen the support.

You can experiment with different weaves, but working with 2 lengths at a time, twisting together between each pole will make it VERY strong!

It starts to come together!

Mistakes are easily undone and made good…take heart.

My strong advice is to experiment to find the technique that suits you best…try using other materials as well!

Once the structure is fairly sound, you can continue the weave up to the top, like this, or weave separate rings into it.

Personally, I like to spiral the Willow upwards towards the top, using double lengths and twisting twice between poles.

Gently remove the poles from around the tyre…

And here’s the finished project.

Willow wigwam in a permaculture garden in February