Yule and the Turning of the Wheel

bealtaine cottage dec 11 007

Origins of Yule The great Festival of Yule, beginning at the time of the Winter Solstice and lasting for a full twelve days, summed up the cycle of the Celtic year. The word Yule, according to the Venerable Bede, came from the Norse word Iul meaning ‘wheel’ and suggested that this was the time when […]

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Midwinter Blessings

The ancients believed winter, especially Midwinter, was a time of tremendous spiritual power. And so the shortest day has passed and we are looking forward, at last, to the ascending sun, from tomorrow. The greenery on the mantelpiece will stay a few days longer, as the days slowly lengthen. Work on the potager beds and […]

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Irish Cottage Life

The permaculture gardens are very wet today…the rain has been quite relentless! Never mind! Lots to do indoors and sorting through boxes of “things,” I was happy to find these lovely Yuletide cards. Doesn’t she look gorgeous in the snow? As I am receiving orders for the Bealtaine Cottage Christmas Book, I thought that I […]

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Yuletide Celebrations

Yuletide is an ancient celebration. As the mist encircles the cottage this morning and the stillness of the air creates echoes along the hill, Midwinter seems very close. This is traditionally a time for people to come together and celebrate the midwinter, with feasting, music and dancing. I have been busy painting and decorating the […]

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A Life in the Country ~ In Love with the Green Earth…

10 July 2014 001

I am in love with the green earth   ~Charles Lamb Living in the country is a never ending adventure in Nature… I love writing about this life in the west of Ireland… However, everyone who lives on this beautiful Earth has a deeply rooted connection with it’s spirit. The spirit of Gaia! The day, […]

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