Midwinter Blessings

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The ancients believed winter, especially Midwinter, was a time of tremendous spiritual power.

And so the shortest day has passed and we are looking forward, at last, to the ascending sun, from tomorrow.

The greenery on the mantelpiece will stay a few days longer, as the days slowly lengthen.

Work on the potager beds and orchards begins in the next week or so.

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Cloud and mist have enveloped Kilronan Mountain today, between snow falls and dark skies…the sun has shone intermittently.

Of the Solstices and Equinoxes, the Winter Solstice was the most important among the Ancients, since it marked the rebirth of the sun after the shortest day.

The worst of the winter is yet to come though…Kale and Parsley stand proud in the Potager beds, not yet diminished by prolonged frost.

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The small Yuletide tree, at the end of the veranda, tied to the supports, stands stout against the wind and storms of the past week.

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The sky changes dress in spectacular fashion from winter to summer and all in-between!

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And jewels of melted sleet decorate the skeletal Fennel.

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Yule marks the rebirth of the sun.

It is a potent symbol of death and rebirth – going from the darkness into the light.

Yule starts before the Solstice and continues on until New Year’s Day.

Midwinter Blessings to you all XXX


  1. I shall be cooking a vegan meal for all my guests on Boxing day this year, a nut roast, which will go with the usual roast potatoes etc, and a mushroom, lentil and chestnut pie. I recently bought some vegan cook books and can’t wait to try out more recipes. Happy Yuletide Colette.

  2. This is surely a time to cozy up to the fire and read and have easy conversations with others in our lives. Your post wraps us in a warm winter blanket. I’m still thinking about the Moroccan turkey tagine I’m making dec 26 with leftover turkey. Merry Christmas. Your posts bring me joy. Sue

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