Tuesday 18 May @ Bealtaine Permaculture Smallholding

It’s raining this morning and the plants that self-seed in the gravel are continuing to drink. This is Valerian, which loves the limestone gravel and grows from seed scattered into the stones. It’s beginning to flower and will continue to flower all the way through the summer.

Columbine is coming through the gravel around the Valerian. Seedlings like this usually do very well when potted on.

The Phototinia on the driveway suffered badly during the severe weather last winter, but it’s making a good recovery, with lots of new growth making a show.

Lots of berries are coming through on the Ivy…and there’s lots of Ivy all through the gardens. Possibly the sign of a cold winter ahead?

Gunnera Manicata grows easily under the Cherry tree, with no loss on the Cherry production. Dense planting is an essential part of permaculture…with definitely NO chemicals to control ANYTHING!

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  1. Hi Colette,

    just hoping you are well – missing your inspirational blog the last few days! I love this soothing interlude in my day, while enjoying a cuppa.

    We hope to sell our house in Dublin and follow your example…soon. Take care of yourself! Marian
    Great to hear you’re well and preparing for your new life…hope it all happens soon for you! The Blog…ahem,…O2 has a lot to answer for in the way of connection, say no more! Anyway, all the continual frustration of trying to upload a blog has propelled me towards another internet provider, so hopefully I will be uploading and communicating very soon!
    Good Wishes…Colette

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