Just Before Bed…Bealtaine Cottage, West of Ireland

Plums beginning to weigh down the tree. One of the plum trees got silver leaf last year and was cut back hard, so this heavy harvest is welcome.

Flower-less colour by the compost heaps.

The beautiful Sage in flower in the tunnel. My big drive this year is focused on seed saving, hence the amount of tall and flowering plants in the tunnel. This Sage plant is strong and prolific…ideal to save seeds from!

Using Barley straw on the paths of the tunnel has given me an unexpected crop of…yes, Barley! So, more seed! And the hens will have a harvest feast!

Now that the grapes have set it is time to prune and cut back before too much of the plants’ vigour is used up and diverted away fro developing the fruit.

Just as I was leaving the tunnel I noticed the reflection in the water barrel just inside the tunnel door…this is it!

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  1. Lovely plums on the way Colette! Sadly our plum tree along with all others in the area gave up the ghost after the last cold winter (below minus 30 for some days!).The last crop was absolutely prolific, makes you wonder what plants know, doesn’t it? Our apple crop looks mega promising however 🙂 Helen ♥
    Fascinating info about the plums…I wonder how many other people have ‘climate change’ stories like this one…Brilliant crop of elderflowers this year and lots of cordial being made at the moment!
    best Wishes, Colette.

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