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Nasturtiums  in bloom this morning. These are the trailing variety and will grow well in poor soil. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible and add a spicy taste to a salad. These are growing from a pot on the veranda.

Swathes of colour dot the driveway to the cottage as the Valerian, Dog Daisy and Dog Rose all come into bloom.
The Dog Rose, Rosa Canina, will go on to produce rosehips that are packed with vitamin C and are good for making syrup that is traditionally fed to babies and toddlers.

Yellow Flag Iris grows by the Lower Pond. This beautiful flower spreads each year, given the right conditions and makes such a brilliant show in late May, early June…I love this naturalized flower.

Willow through Gunnera Manicata…

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  1. Sometimes I am driven to despair by this model of industrialisation ,or as I call it, exploitation, that is ravaging our beautiful earth. Things like the dam that is to be built in Brazil, flooding an area the size of Wales! Nothing about the tribal peoples living there. This is genocide. Then of course there’s the possibility of the ravaging of the Lough Allen Basin etc, etc. could go on, but you know the story……
    And yet Bridget, there is a lesson for us all here…don’t despair for our beautiful Gaia…Speak Up, Speak Out and Make Your Voice HEARD…eventually ALL the Voices WILL drive CHANGE FOR THE BETTER LIFE!
    Have an abundant and rewarding day!

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