1. Hi Colette, I doubt it’s the permaculture! MY guess is that the rant you had about the drilling for oil earlier in the week alerted someone!! I completely agree with your feelings in the matter, I’m sure I would feel the same if it was in my neck of the woods. But there’s people out there that want to control us and taking out your blog is probably a way to let you know their out there watching! Good luck to you and God Bless. jacquie
    We have to remain watchful at all times and take nothing for granted! I have now resolved the issue and am told that if I get an ie email address then all will be well! O…kay… Not going there, keeping the one I have and put up with the consequences!
    The real issue though Jaqui, as you have put it so well, is…Fracking…so am ensuring my attention is kept well and truly focused there! Will blog today on this issue, as I’ve taken lots of pics around the drill site!
    Blessings, Colette x

  2. it’s probably because you are on wordpress.com. If you bought yourself an .ie domain name it would probably start to show in google.ie
    Hi ben
    My other friends who blog with wordpress here in ireland are showing on the google pages from Ireland. This blog is showing on the net, just not in pages from Ireland…so it’s really confused me as to why this should be…
    Thanks for you comment though…I will continue to fathom!

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