Permaculture Cottage ~ Herbs and Cows

I have a fascination with cows.

They are very sociable and family oriented animals.

These belong to my neighbour, Gabriel, here in Ballyfermoyle.

They are contented and very laid back.

At this time of year the land is over-run with wild herbs and flowers and cows are out in the fields all the time.

It’s fascinating to watch them…and they watch me…and Jack, but mostly Jack!

Isn’t the little brown calf and the white one coming along behind, just adorable?

I stood by the fence for about half an hour and they were as interested in me as I was in them.

The flowers of the Rosa Rugusa are in full bloom at the moment and already quite a few hips have formed.

These are packed with Vitamin C and used to make syrup, amongst other foods.

They also make lovely additions to Seasonal wreaths and bouquets.

A spider has encapsulated this plant inside a web, all silky and delicate.

I am reading a book about life in Medieval Times in England and was fascinated to read how soldiers going off to battle would carry a tiny box with them at all times, filled with…spider’s webs!

These would be used, very successfully apparently, to stem the flow of blood from a wound.


Willow arches in a quiet spot near the vegetable garden.

The sun setting over Bealtaine Cottage…

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  1. Oh, I adore cows too! I love their quizzical looks as they watch me when I run by their pastures, or ride by on my bike. Years ago I milked cows on a large dairy farm in the early a.m., and was constantly amused at the antics of the girls. Who can’t love cattle?!
    And what is the title/author of the book you’re reading? Sounds like something I’d love!

    From Colette: I spend hours watching them and find that I become really calm and chilled when I do.
    I’m reading, ” A Dictionary of SUSSEX Folk Medicine,” by Andrew Allen and it is completely fascinating!

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