Permaculture Cottage ~ The Benefits of Tea

Evening turns to night at Bealtaine Cottage.

The bats have emerged from their home and are flying low around the cottage.

Lots of activity today at Bealtaine, especially around the Tunnel and Nursery beds.

Many of the Blackcurrant seedlings are now in bigger pots and moved to the plants area, where they will stay until planted out.

The nights are verging from warm and balmy to quite chilly.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see early frost, as the weather has become unpredictable.

Tea…the cup that cheers, especially at the end of the day.

In 2010, researchers found that people who consumed tea had significantly less cognitive decline than non-tea drinkers.

The study used data on more than 4,800 men and women aged 65 and older to examine change in cognitive function over time.

Study participants were followed for up to 14 years for naturally-occurring cognitive decline. (Study carried out by Leonore Arab PhD UCLA 2010).

Tea leaves contain more than 700 chemicals, including  flavanoides, amino acids, vitamins (C, E and K), caffeine and polysaccharides.

Tea plays an important role in improving beneficial intestinal microflora, as well as providing immunity against intestinal disorders and in protecting cell membranes from oxidative damage.

Tea also prevents dental caries due to the presence of fluorine.

The role of tea is well established in normalizing blood pressure, lipid depressing activity, prevention of coronary heart diseases and diabetes by reducing the blood-glucose activity.

Both green and black tea infusions contain a number of antioxidants.

Something that my grandmother always insisted upon, though she didn’t call them antioxidants, …now, how did she know?

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