Country Living at Bealtaine Cottage, Ballyfermoyle, Ireland.

Laundry washing has taken a new twist with the predicted demise of my washing machine!

I say “predicted” because, quite frankly, these machines are not built to last and form an integral part of the “throw-away” society that is ruining the Earth upon which we live! 

So…I have reverted to hand-washing…

                  I have rinsed the washed clothes in this rainwater barrel…and there’s no need to empty this as the over-flow runs away into the ditch, so there’s always fresh water…well, this is the west of Ireland!

This is, by the way, the very best way to soften clothes and dismisses the need for softening chemicals!

Walking around the gardens on this fine Friday, I have become aware of the huge amount of young trees, planted fairly close together that will need coppicing. This is good news as I am reliant on the gardens for providing the stove with wood to burn. Once coppiced, the trees will grow multiple stems and continue to provide.

There’s lots of cones on the pine trees that will look great in Christmas decorations. Table decorations are easy to make and can look stunning!


The leaves on the Flowering Cherry Tree on the North bank have finally dropped and now brighten the ground with their autumn colour. Autumn has lingered this year and it remains quite mild in the descent to Midwinter.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I lived off the grid for many years, and some of it without any power from any source other than candles and kero lamps. Hence washing by hand. The day I was given a wrangle for wringing the sheets, I thought I was in heaven! Even now, I do not use an automatic machine, but a now elderly twin tub. They are easy on the water, a resource often in short supply on this island.
    Very beautiful item hanging on the line 🙂

    • I agree with you about using an automatic machine, as it has a mind all of it’s own and spins on regardless and indeed I recall the old twin tub from my childhood and would love to get hold of one of those gems! A neighbour of mine has one and it is still working, though I dare not ask her how long she has owned it, but would imagine it’s very old indeed!
      I love being outdoors, so washing clothes and rinsing them in the open air is a welcome work!
      The patchwork cover was on the sofa in the sitting room and when I had hung it on the line, heavy with water, it looked too good to not take a pic!

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