Sunday Funday and Sarah Jessica Parker…

Yesterday was a hot, summery day and there was nothing else for it but to head to the beach…we made for the strand at Mullaghmore…Flo in tow! She is on her lead here due to the fact that she spent half the day running off, trying to attach herself to other people, as only the “littlest Hobo,” knows how!

Mullaghmore Harbour sits on the south side of Donegal Bay…a stunningly beautiful stretch of wild Atlantic coastline!

For those of you familiar with, “Sex in the City,” it may come as no surprise for you to know that Sarah Jessica Parker owns a holiday cottage in Donegal and is familiar with this beautiful bay.

Looking up towards the Hills of Donegal…
Today, Monday, is yet another fabulous day!

A few facts about Donegal Bay…Donegal Bay (Bá Dhún na nGall in Irish) is an inlet (or bay) in the northwest of Ireland.

Three counties – Donegal to the north and west, Leitrim and Sligo to the south – have shorelines on the bay, which is bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean.

The town of Donegal and the River Eske lie at the head of the bay.

Donegal Bay is Ireland’s largest bay, and also contains Ulster’s highest (and Europe’s sixth-highest) sea cliffs at Slieve League, which tower 1972 ft (601 m) above sea level.


  1. Dear Collette,
    I have just discovered your blog and I am so thrilled that I have. We have 1/4 acre in Connemara which is beautiful but we suffer with the wind. You have transformed your place and it looks fantastic. I would like to know how you put in your trees – did you put in varieties that would shelter others from the wind or did you just stick them in and hope for the best? Are you in a wind swept area? Which trees worked best for you? Our garden is varied with some good soil depth, rocky areas – which we were thinking of building up with top soil (is that a good idea or are there other solutions?) and some boggy areas. I would appreciate some advice about trees. In our polytunnel we have our beds made from wooden sides but the idea of using stones is very interesting and we will try that too. Anyway, I will be looking at your previous postings and avidly soaking up all your wisdom. Terri x

    • Trees are many and varied, as you know and some of the best ones to plant as a “pioneer species” are Birch and bushes…I say this because of the cross dependency and added resilience to the wind. After all, look at the natural landscape and emulate that. Birch trees will colonize bogland in the most inhospitable of conditions. That would be my overall advice…look to Nature, see what she is doing in a similar but untouched landscape and copy. Any rocks will provide you with micro-climates, think of the Burren and plants therein. Plant small trees that do not need to be staked. Plant on the windy side of your land… the west. Plant lots of shrubs in between, as your aim is to diffuse the wind. Within 1-2 years the difference will be noticeable and from thereon in it will be amazing. At the same time you will be allowing Nature a portal through which to work miracles!

      • Thanks – I will do that, it’s obvious really but thanks for bringing my attention to it.

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