The Gardens after the Rain…

This delight greeted me this morning after all the rain and cold of yesterday…a beautiful poppy grown from seed last year and planted into this new bed in the early spring.

The colours in Nature are sublime and really hard to replicate.

Sometimes when things break there is a way of recycling it and even changing it’s direction.

This is what happened when the mushroom ornament broke.

It then re-started life as a small plant container…in this case a little Nasturtium.

Logs placed on the ground near pots of plants will encourage a good bacteria to develop in the soil under the gravel.

This will be reached as the plant roots exit the pots in search of nourishment.

Redcurrants are plumping out nicely and the harvest looks good.

From one bush, seven years ago, there are now over thirty Redcurrant bushes, all from the mother plant.

Walk with me around the cottage and on into the vegetable and fruit gardens after the rain…

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