The Breaking into Two Pieces of the Mayan Calendar…

The wind has risen around Bealtaine Cottage, paying no heed to the time that is Midsummer.

Rain and high winds have battered the west of Ireland.

The air is cold and woollen jumpers are the order of the day that’s in it!

The south side of Bealtaine remains sheltered, so it came as a surprise that an errant gust of wind managed to destroy the Mayan Calendar that hung on the south wall of the cottage…

Even in Winter, this area remains still, calm and protected…

More surprising is that one half remains on the wall…

The other on the ground!

Although the cottage is well protected by Nature, the sound of the wind as it whips across the tops of the protective trees is awesome…

Valerian has taken the bicycle into the ground…

One has to look at the Earth and the growth to determine the season.

The copper Celtic Cross will not be reflecting the sunset this evening…the sun is nowhere to be seen…

The Angel of Bealtaine sits quietly amid the Valerian, as Missy, turned feral, runs and dashes about in the bushes, in time with the chaos of the wind…

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12 years Goddess-inspired Permaculture at Bealtaine Cottage, West of Ireland...drop in, power up!

6 thoughts on “The Breaking into Two Pieces of the Mayan Calendar…

  1. One (and indeed maybe several) wonders if Missy – having discarded her warm and luxurient fur coat, in the somewhat deluded belief that summer sunshine would last for more than a day; has turned to feraldom and wildness, in her shivering and fraustration at not being able to find it again in the Bealtaine bushes!


  2. Blimey – as you say, we’re half way through the year and it breaks in half! It’s an omen!!! Your garden/land looks beautiful as ever – I’m getting really depressed at the weather here in the UK – still very windy, cool and showers, and more of the same forecast.


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