Midsummer in an Irish Permaculture Garden

Fruit, flowers and vegetables are all in abundance in the permaculture smallholding of Bealtaine.

Roses are in over-production and some are well on their way to becoming the wonderful, vitamin-C packed hips of harvest for the Autumn.

 Missy continues to direct operations, while listening to the calls of the Pheasant on the hill behind the cottage.

Pumpkin plants are making their way up along bends of Willow, as Peas vie for their territory along the same climbing frames.

All is in full growth and bloom as the day turns into a weekend of stillness and calm after the high winds and heavy rains of previous days!

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  1. I’ve just enjoyed a ‘virtual walk’ through your lush, beautiful garden. The photo and video images have perfectly captured the colours of flowers, bushes, trees and plants….the heart and soul of this truly special place. Many thanks.

  2. I want you to know that your blog always makes me smile and dream big dreams about living on such a beautiful place as yours! Just the most stunning blog I have ever seen, and I am so happy I disovered it!!

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