A Few Minutes of Truth…are you ready for this?


The truth is more terrible than we could have imagined.

The truth hurts.

The truth will set us free.

Yes, that is true…for it will set us free, but only after a terrifying journey headlong into the abyss.

That is what I encountered after listening to Dr Vandana Shiva say a few poignant and awfully truthful words outside of the Rio+20 Summit.

I am not going to paraphrase any of what this mighty woman had to say.

It has touched me deeply and I am still in shock.

Take the few minutes to listen to her.


Let me know what you think?

I feel upset and even terrified.

It is the truth, but so very hard to come to terms with!

Click on the link below…

Her name is fitting. She is a destroyer of lies and a preserver of truth.



  1. May the earth we care for and about be held in the protection of spirit. Thank you for this post. May my small weedy lawn,the garden and plants (some of who are in the front of the house) not ever be viewed by those who would end thier growth hear. I feel like that would be my greatest loss for it is my greatest joy. RoseMary

  2. I’ve seen several interviews with this wonderful lady, but this one sums up the arguments very clearly and precisely. It’s gloomy, and what doesn’t help is I watched a 1.5 hr video last night on Fracking in Canada which is equally gloomy.

    “ccm989” there has been a case recently of a lady in Ohio who turned her garden over to herbs and plants, but had it all ripped up by her local authority who argued there was a local directive stopping people growing anything over 1.5 feet. Need some optimism!!!

    • It is interesting to hear what Dr Shiva says towards the end…(and I paraphrase)…we must reclaim our democracy country by country! I like that! That is empowering!

  3. Interesting…..yes of course. But ultimately absolutely necessary, if mankind is to survive even at the very basic level of having sufficent food and shelter to sustain life.

  4. Thank you for the link, I had never heard of Dr. Shiva, the shames on me. I will definitely look at her books and website.
    Although the “powers that be” think they have control of everything; Nature, science, politics and technology, it is the internet that letting the Real Truth be known. Dr. Shiva is giving us the Truth and your blog is putting it into practice.
    It is terrifying when you know the Truth of how this human world works. Two books I have read that helped me see the Truth were Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler.
    So up til now, although I have used “their” oil, “their” water, “their” food, etc., at least I thought “I know what you are doing, you can’t fool me” but didn’t know what I could do about it.
    I thought that there would have to be global answer all this (still thinking the way “they” think) but now know it is going to be individuals taking their power back and bearing witness to the fact that there is a better way.

    • That is a powerful message, Sharleen and I thank you for it!
      Dr Shiva is a mighty woman who articulates all that is true and right.
      There are many interviews with her on YouTube.
      She has immense integrity!
      I will follow the links to the two books you posted…thank you!
      The message is, I think, do not be frightened of the truth, for it gives one a starting point from which to build!

  5. Dr. Shiva’s integrity, together with her position as an eminent scientist, is to be admired for this impassioned plea for an end to the destruction currently being caused to the planet, and the potential for the impoverishment of millions of people, by the continued use of food production methods which have a profitability, rather than a humanitartian focus. However,the related issue of predicted massive global population increase in the latter part of this century, and well into the next, needs to be given equal attention.

    • I agree…and have been watching the documentary,”Life at the end of Empire, which discusses this. It’s interesting for people to be able to discuss this, but the politicians and media do nothing to facilitate this!

  6. Thanks for sharing that truly scary piece. The only way ordinary people like me can fight back is to grow your own organic veggies and fruit. Save seeds yourself and replant them next year. No government or lobbyist can stop people from gardening in their own backyards. At least not yet.

  7. It is indeed frightening to hear it spelt out like that. We are hovering on the edge of the abyss and it will take a massive rethink of ideas if we are to be spared

    • This morning I have felt very low…but, now, having returned from the garden and communed with Nature, seeing all the energy she puts forth, I feel more positive. We must stay strong and resist whatever is bad!

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