Edible Permaculture Gardens at Bealtaine Cottage

It is early evening as the clock shows and the day has been long.

I was up and working by 6am, so this evening will be early to bed!

Summer is like that here in the west of Ireland.

Much work is finished by early afternoon, so the evening is a time for gentle reflection on a working day.

One of the jobs I managed to get done today was that of polishing the stove in the sitting room.

It’s a long, messy job, but gives the stove such a mighty face-lift that it’s worth it!

Oh…is that one of the cloths on the mantle-piece…?

I walked out into the garden at the back of Bealtaine and was surrounded by Valerian, which is heavy with flower and as long as the seed-heads are picked, will stay in flower until September.

And as I turned around from the Valerian, there was Missy, sitting regally on one of the benches under the Cotoneaster, enjoying the sun as only cats seem able to do, despite their fur coats!

Most of the lettuce in the first vegetable bed is ready for eating and there’s some Chard growing alongside it, ready to occupy the empty space…

Rosa Rugosa in flower behind one of the sheds…Such a vivid Cerise Pink!

An abundance of young apples on the trees in the orchard…hard to believe that this was planted 6 years ago and has fruited every year!

And several hundred pounds of Blackcurrants almost ready for harvesting!

More visitors to the Permaculture Smallholding of Bealtaine Cottage tomorrow.

There are so many people now into growing food and living sustainably.

Permaculture is the ideal way to do both in Ireland, as they are linked into a living circle.

A recent visitor brought me some interesting books and C.D.’s so I shall curl up into a cosy bed to read and listen, earlier than usual!


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  1. Then yes, with both of your descriptions, Heaven really is a place on Earth. I am really enjoying reading your blogs and watching your videos on youtube. We are also on the west of Ireland and we are in the second year of establishing a sustainable edible garden. Is it possible to visit you and our beautiful land that you have established?

    • Bealtaine Cottage welcomes all visitors of good heart! of course you may visit. Let me have some dates and we’ll work out a time that suits us all.

  2. I love the images of rich pink flowers set against shades of green and dark red leaves; whilst I visualize an exquisite white porcelain dish containing a salad of rain washed lettuce leaves, finely sliced apple pieces, and sprinkled liberally with ripe juicy blackcurrants. Accompanied of course by a glass of perfectly chilled elderflower champagne!

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