Sometimes, We Just Forget…

There was this fantastic and vibrant sunset last night…around 10pm, so I made a little video to share with you.

We should remember, when we feel low, just what a technicolour wonder nature is capable of producing, effortlessly and sometimes when we least expect it!

Our sunrises and sunsets are there every day…sometimes we just forget to step outside and marvel!

Well, last night, I did just that and I’m happy to share it with you…


  1. i find it hard to put into words how pleased i am to have found your magical journal here and to describe how much pleasure i have received in reading though the many interesting and inspirational posts. i feel i am learning something of great value here, something lifechanging really.
    i have recently found myself with a tiny patch of garden that i’ve had little clue what to do with. although it has been on my mind to grow some herbs and salad, perhaps even some vegetables and fruit (an apple tree and a few raspberry canes already exist). i have also wondered about a water area, a little pond perhaps for the wildlife but am not sure i have the space and i definitely don’t have space for chickens, alas.
    being quite arthritic means i can’t really dig and even find using a strimmer hard going (the grass has grown to jungle height!), i don’t have a mower. i was despairing really, but now i realise there is another way, a better and even affordable way to garden and am feeling quite full of excitement and enthusiam. i am hoping that permaculture also works on a very small scale?
    it’s funny that i also have valerian growing all along one side of the house here and i thought it looked beautiful, but a neighbour recently asked me when i was going to remove all those weeds!
    thank you for sharing your glorious sunset with us, ireland is a lovely land. i have some ancestors from there 🙂 right now i’m living in a littlemodern brick cottage in a village in somerset, england backing onto fields.
    i really can’t thank you enough for what you are sharing here. i have actually started filling a little ‘bealtaine cottage’ notebook with tips and quotes i have read.

    warmest and most heartfelt blessings xxx


    • What wonderful words, Dorothy!
      You are blessed to be a guardian angel on a small piece of this sacred Earth.
      May joy and delight be yours as you tend it.
      Abundance will follow…

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