The Autumn Gardens at Bealtaine Cottage

One of the many apple trees at Bealtaine Cottage, laden with fruit on this glorious September day.

As the nights draw in and the apple harvest swells, we realise Samhain is near.

Autumn is making it’s progress through the beautiful Arigna Mountains and the valley where Keadue nestles near the Castle of Kilronan…a place swathed in mist at this magical time of year.

Walking around the gardens today, I took these pictures to share with you.

Butterflies cover the Buddleia…this is a late flowering one as I planted it out this year, which is lucky for the butterflies as they made a late appearance!

Of course, it wasn’t long before Missy joined me, followed by Flo and Che.

It always feels so nice to walk around the gardens with the little characters who inhabit this sacred space!

Flo is just visible on the other side of the pond, near the standing stone.

She keeps an eye on everyone!

I can only add that we all enjoyed the walk.

 Bealtaine Cottage at Ballyfermoyle, is a beautiful place for sure, but, when the sun shines it is heaven!


  1. Luscious red apples fall, as they must. Missy steps lightly, with the grace and elegance of her kind….exquisite.

  2. Hi, we intend to tour the West of Ireland 13-17 September and having avidly followed your blog, wondered if it was possible to visit your charming gardens. We have a small farm near Kenmare and started growing some of our own vegetables following advice from your website. It would be great to meet you and no doubt pick up a tip or two along the way? With kindest regards, Terry & Donal


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