From Belfast to Bealtaine…

www.bealtainecottage.comFrightening storms have swept southern England over recent days.

Feb 2012 Permaculture @ Bealtaine Cottage 023The extreme weather has reminded us all, once more, that we live in uncertain times, times of change. 015Change is all around us and those who have read comments on the previous blog, will know that my darling Missy has passed. 011Such is life…dealing with the frightening and the painful, but never for too long.

Autumn 2013 at Bealtaine Cottage 024Despite whatever happens in our lives, we are best equipped to deal with all that life offers us, highs and lows!

Autumn in the Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage 013Pragmatism and resilience are great gifts to nurture and practice often.

fairies 028In the wake of my grief, I headed up to Belfast with my daughter, who had made the journey down to Bealtaine, to help me put Missy to rest and then whisk me off!

cup of tea!It was just what I needed…a change of scenery…there will be time enough to mourn Missy, in little moments of quiet and reflection, later…

a real sofa bedBelfast is a wonderful city, filled with warm-hearted, resilient and humorous people.

In the Fairy Wood below Bealtaine CottageIt is a city in a forest, for I have never seen so many trees… big, colourful, graceful trees!

Blackcurrant ChutneyI will write more about Belfast…but, tonight, I am home and have lit the stove, walked Jack and fed Sammy-Bear, Che-Mousey and am ready for bed!

sunset in IrelandThe wind and rain are battering the cottage, but the kettle boils on the stove…it’s good to be home! 036Don’t forget to order your copy of the “Bealtaine Cottage Little Christmas Book.”

These are due to be posted out at the end of the first week of November!

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  1. I’m late coming to this news about dear Missy. She gifted much pleasure and filled many a heart♥ Bless you Colette, for all your compassion ♥

  2. I am so sorry to read of Missy’s passing. My little 21 year old orange Clancy kitty passed away in April of this year and it was a mighty grief. But I know his pain is over and he is happy and whole again now, and able to run and play happily, as I know your Missy is doing now as well! Bless you and be at peace. xxx

  3. So sorry to hear of your precious Missy’s passing. While you will miss her, she is in a peaceful place. We all have a purpose on this earth and then we walk on to fulfill our purpose in arms of the Creator. Blessings to you my friend. bj

  4. So sorry to hear of your loss Colette. Your lovely daughter did the right thing in bringing you off for a few days. I’m trying to deal with the loss of my mother and the fact that my father has alzheimers and had to go into a home. Change is definitely part of my life at the moment too. Be brave and I believe we will meet them all again (including our beloved pets) – Mary

    • Thanks Mary and understand the grief and hardship you endure… I believe that the love and energy of those we care for stays with us, once released into the Universe. The Divine is all around us and spirit energy is embraced by the Divine. All life is loved by the Divine Creator XXX

  5. I’m so sorry to hear of Missy passing. You are lucky to have a wonderful daughter living near who can help you overcome the grief. I just love reading your blog and I hope you will stay at Bealtaine. Wishes and blessings to you Colette – Mary

    • Bless you Mary for kind words…I appreciate what you say and will be happy to stay at Bealtaine if I can continue to plant trees somewhere close by where I can be sure of their continued protection.
      Colette X

  6. So sorry to hear of Missy’s passing. I am feeling for you as my very special little cat Pepper passed away only 2 months ago after 16 years of shared garden time. At first I felt I could never bear to garden again without her there to help but then the Universe guided me to your wonderful website and I was blown away! So wonderful to find a kindred spirit and one who is so much further along the journey than me. I’m filled with inspiration and my garden is about to be taken to another level. No doubt Pepper approves and will be there in spirit. Thank you so much.
    It’s true about the boy cats – mine has blossomed and become so very loving now Pepper isn’t here to boss him around!

    • What a heart-warming message…It has made me cry and laugh! XXX Missy is here this morning, on a very different level, a very bright energy! It is quite difficult to feel too sad, as I feel her spirit force all around me. Blessings to you on this lovely morning X

  7. Missy had one of the loveliest lives a cat could possibly have with you in Bealtaine Cottage and I feel sure you will continue to feel her presence walking the gardens, her little paradise, with you. What a character! dear, sweet Missy xxx So many warm memories for you. And for us too.. who knew her here.. she is a big part of this blog and a very memorable cat.
    Sending the warmest of hugs xxx

  8. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear of Missy’s passing! As a kitty mama it makes me almost as sad as losing one of my own darling boys. Your blogs brings us all so much joy and sweet Missy was a big part of that; I would look at her, walking through the trees and living the good life and imagine that will be my boys one day. She was a beautiful and special goddess and I will miss seeing her…though I suspect she would never go too far. Blessings and warmest energy heading your way during this difficult time.

    • Your warm thoughts and wishes are welcome on this stormy night…bless you.
      Missy is near and her physical passing has made room for the two boys…their personalities will be allowed to shine through and make me laugh!

  9. Had wondered about the fate of the little cat, but having recently lost one of mine (Mishko aka Mishy, aged only 9 years) did not like to ask. ‘We’re here, then we disappear’ about covers it, no matter our species. Condolences.

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