Cottage Industry 001The clock ticks towards Samhain, literally meaning: Summer’s end!

Tomorrow is Samhain, a celebration of the last day of Summer and the beginning of Winter in the Celtic calendar. 002Despite cold nights creeping into Bealtaine, all remains green on the ground, with just the trees showing signs of transition into Winter.

Nasturtiums have not yet melted in the frost…it seems the ground continues to put forth enough heat to protect them! 003“I ordered my food ages ago!”

Sammy-Bear waits for his breakfast on the veranda…I have to hurry up with this photography business and serve him breakfast! 007The Wisteria, on the veranda of the Lodge, is showing a last magnificent vibrancy before it sets itself into bed.

The plants and trees are making a fantastic show of colour this season! 011The view from the doorway of the Lodge remains green and tranquil.

The micro-climate created here serves the cottage well.

All is sheltered from the North, West and East! 013We really have been blessed, with perfect weather this year, here in the west of Ireland.

Each season has behaved itself extraordinarily well! 020Despite the fact it was my birthday yesterday, I was sufficiently inspired to work and spent the afternoon crocheting this hat. 003It’s an “Annie Hall,” inspired creation…I adore Diane Keaton! 017I love the “cloche” type, 1920’s inspired, hats and adore working with pure wool and natural fabric. 004This one is made using Donegal Tweed Pure Wool and the colour is just wonderful!

I shall be making many more for the Bealtaine Cottage Etsy shop!

Here’s the link to the Bealtaine Cottage Etsy Shop…


  1. Happy Birthday Colette. Look forward to your Fall and Winter posts. Birth Day blessings from Theahollow Cottage Maine.


  2. eremophila

    Happy Happy Belated Birthday Colette! Great hat too!♥


    1. Thanks…just about to post the hat on Etsy!


  3. blessed samhain in advance to you…my daughter and i love our bogwood pendants too!


    1. That’s great…Happy Samhain to you both XXX


  4. Happy Birthday Colette! All the best from the Netherlands 🙂


  5. learning to crochet is on my to do list this winter, so am full of admiration for your hat. Belated happy birthdays too. How do you celebrate Samhain? Am new to this but find it really appeals to me..


    1. A feast, a bonfire or fire, friends and lots of home made wine and laughter!


  6. Lovely photos as always. A very happy belated birthday to you.


  7. Happy Birthday Colette – wish we had known. Hope you had a wonderful day. I know you will have a great day tomorrow. xx


    1. Thanks Terri…a great day for all and blessings for a good new year!


  8. Belated best wishes for your birthday Colette – and also for Samhain tomorrow. The hat is a magnificent creation with its 1920’s design, and those bright vivid colours!


    1. Thanks Christine…and you too have a fun Samhain!


  9. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day. Everything looks just wonderful at Bealtaine.


    1. Thanks Patti…a lovely day! This is a lovely time of the year fro a birthday!
      Hope all is well with you!


  10. Shannon Gene Templeton

    Love the crochet hat…


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