The Passing of Samhain 009Autumn remains, despite the passing of Samhain.

Nasturtiums hold their blooms and the occasional bee busies himself with work, inside the generous flowers of orange and yellow.

Sammy-Bear and Che-Mousey have drunk all their milk and turned their noses up at the biscuits…they may be spoiled! 010The leaves of the Nasturtium appear to grow huge, as the season of growth comes to an end…capturing and reflecting the dew of the morning. 016Giant Willow, (Biomass), drops its leaves and the winter duvet, that will cover the earth, spreads.

This Willow grows at the top of the gardens and is pollarded, to allow for ground space. 018

Few gardeners here in Ireland pollard Willow, so these trees always attract attention from visitors to Bealtaine! 021Che-Mousey has taken to following me around the gardens, as I take pictures.

He has even managed to develop a feint miaow! 024The reflective quality of the rainwater improves, as the air cools into early winter. 025Vivid colours are manifested on the Copper Beech trees… 028Cats are all around on this first day of winter! 031Can you believe these colours?

Grapevine on the veranda against blue sky…it actually appears photo-shopped, but is not! 032The raw beginnings of a basket, hung into the eaves of the veranda, now appearing, as the leaves fall away from around it! 033The Pumpkins are ready to store away in the pantry…I must remember to do this today! 036I’m just enjoying all this green, before Jack Frost steals it! 041Have a wonderful weekend everyone XXX


  1. Dear Collette, Such lovely pictures for this time of year. It is hard to believe that we still have flowers blooming. My nasturtiums still provide blooms for drying which will be added to tea. Even the borage is giving me its bright blue blooms for another day. But i suspect listening to the weather forecast it will be the last..light snow predicted and colder weather. We still have had no frost and their so many dots of golden leaves still clinging to the trees. It is quite lovely here as well.
    Wanted to share with you that there are many individual bills facing state legislatures here in the US about the banning of GMO’s and Monsanto. The farmers have had it. It has cost them so much and they are struggling. The federal government won’t touch it. Not that they could agree on anything anyway. So we have high hopes that individually the fall of the demon is at hand. I am happy to say there is a strong contingency of No-GMO’s here in New York as well as anti-fracking. I will let you know how we make out!

    Have a lovely weekend. I would love to sit on your porch and enjoy a cup of tea with you. You and your garden would be so delightful!

    • Yes, Betty…as long as the people keep rejecting this, the movement against the evil GMOs will grow and dominate the political scene until the men in suits are forced to deal with us!
      Have a great weekend too…massive storm here!

  2. Are the willows coppiced in that way so the new growth can be used for things like weaving baskets? Is it commonly done so far above the ground? I’d imagined doing it at hip height, just for ease of later cutting of the whips. I have some native willows, and I’d like to plant a grove just for this sort of use, but had never seen any before cut like that.

    I love seeing the images from around your cottage, it’s very inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing them 🙂

    • Willow is usually coppiced, but I deliberately pollarded this Willow instead, as a way of creating architectural interest and also attempting to experiment with possible cutting methods. These pollarded willows will increase in trunk size and make an interesting willow grove in years to come!

  3. We are both enjoyed an extended fall. We have had a frost but its left my nasturtiums alone. I like the way you have pollarded the willow. I have some very large pussy willow in my yard and may try it on one of them. The pictures are wonderful I almost feel like I am walking along with you.
    My best to you this day and belated Happy Birthday

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