A Letter from Richard

www.bealtainecottage.com 015There follows some correspondence from a subscriber to Bealtaine Cottage.

I thought it worthy of sharing with you…

www.bealtainecottage.com 002Colette,

As a follow up to your e-mail regarding receipt of my order for your Christmas book, I wanted to let you know that I immensely enjoy your blog and You-tube videos.


Autumn 2013 at Bealtaine Cottage 003I follow Bealtaine Cottage regularly since I discovered your wonderful work through Tom O’ Brien’s program, From Alpha To Omega.  That was a brilliant interview. Your openness and natural manner really came through in quite a powerful way. 

You are inspiring and a model for what is right in the world in the midst of so much madness. 


fairies 022I am so heartened by your mission of re-leafing Ireland as I watch with dismay the senseless removal of so many of our beautiful conifers and other trees here in the Pacific Northwest of America. It makes no sense to me whatsoever to take away all that grace. Yet it continues at an alarming pace.


cotoneaster berries for the birds in permaculture orchardI am so glad to know there are others who share my concern and deep love of our most noble and life giving creatures of our planet.  May the green realm prevail! 


New beds by the front door of the cottageWangari Maathai comes to mind when I think of you and what you intend to accomplish. Please know you should not have to save the green mantle of Ireland alone. 

Lunaria seeds drying on the veranda of the LodgePerhaps your strong, unwavering voice shall enlist as many kindred spirits who shall plant not 900+ trees as you yourself have nobly done, not 9,000 trees as you intend with your own hands, but 90 million or more trees in Ireland alone!  Goodness only knows the immense numbers of trees planted to the far corners of this world from a single originating voice….  May it be so! 


cropped-0271.jpgMay your mission far surpass your own expectations many fold, please stay safe, and take the best care of yourself.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, friend of the green!  


Many blessings to you for being such a bright light in the world.



fairy wood at bealtaine cottageDear Richard…such wonderful, uplifting and inspiring words!

Thank you for lifting my spirits, for much has gone awry today…though nothing that can’t be fixed!

I am about to make a pot of tea, some toast and settle down to watch a DVD loaned by a friend…so the evening will be relaxing.
Oak seedlings growing at BealtaineMy beautiful Ireland, this amazing Earth, so abundant and caring, despite our hapless ways!

Trees are the noble guardians of Mother Earth and our source of oxygen…planting trees is an act of pure worship of the Divine…more so than any other worship we do.

Copper Beech at Bealtaine CottagePlanting trees is a prayer to God, to make the future secure, for those we love and will never even meet in this life.

Trees at Bealtaine CottageThe Native Americans spoke of the seventh generation, the descendants we will never know, but love all the same.

A Cherry seed grows by an Oak tree at Bealtaine CottageWe must be mindful of them, and in that mindfulness, nudge that little bit closer to the Creator.
The Fairy Tree at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture GardensLet us not just hope, Richard, but act in great and unshakeable faith that there will be a tomorrow for our humanity.
Blessings X


  1. I was very moved by both your letters, Richard and Colette, at a time when I’m reading all about Fukushima radiation and all seems so desperate. It’s heart warming and gives me faith that we can turn the tide in our many small ways, planting trees, creating paradise in our unique ways. Thank you for your inspiring project Colette. with love and blessings Janie

    • I am hoping that governments of the globe will collect together their finest and brightest experts to help solve the crisis at Fukushima…and then close down all Nuclear establishments. Everything is possible, we must hope and live the best we can,
      Blessings X

  2. Hear, hear, Richard. May the green mantle spread far and wide. Here in Ontario, the government has a program to help farms plant more trees and the goal is 50,000,000 trees in the next few years. I truly hope it come to pass. Colette, born in Cork, living in Canada.

  3. Hi Colette, This is indeed a lovely and inspiring letter. I just wanted to let you know that I have been planting willow in my garden as a source of fuel for the future. Good wishes to you Colette- Mary

  4. Richard’s letter is beautiful, and myself and I’m sure many others agree with his words. You are such an inspiration, Colette. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing for Ireland and its living communities.

  5. Like Richard, I live in the American Pacific Nor’west. I have only a wee 1/2 acre and work to keep it green. My golf-course-greened neighbor looks at my wild refugee of plants with disdain; but I feel like a Mother Goose who must spread her wings to protect abandoned plant fledglings! Keep up the work at Bealtaine Cottage!

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