In a Time of Apocalypse 001

Apocalypse…full disclosure of all the truth, of what was, is and will be. 002

Most of us are aware of the Biblical connotations of the word,”apocalypse, but few know that the word pre-dates both the old and new testament of the Bible and is actually from Ancient Greek. 003

The verb form of the Greek means simply “uncover,” and the word is often used in a basic physical sense for uncovering the head or body, or metaphorically for the disclosure of a hidden water source or a hidden wrong. 004

Very few people know that the original Greek translation of
“Apocalypse” means “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”… a
disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era
dominated by falsehood and misconception. 006

The veil hides the truth from mankind. 007

We are living in a time of Apocalypse, where the truth is being revealed to us in a cumulative way, day upon day. 008

There are layers of misconception and deception being peeled back, slowly allowing the veil to be lifted. 009

For many people this is a fearful experience and they try to shield themselves from the reality being revealed to them. 019

However, there is nothing to fear. 010

All is understandable. 011

For those whose courage does not fail them, the lifting of the veil is an epiphany, an awakening of immense reassurance. 012

The truth will set you free. 013

Truth is both a shield and comfort in the times we are evolving through. 016

Apocalypse represents the revealing of truth and awareness

of the true nature of things. 018

In a time of illusion and cover-up… 020

Apocalypse is to be welcomed.



  1. Great article and very relevant for this time in our history as I personally feel that in recent years so much has been revealed and yes it is painful as we realise the world was not as we thought it was, but the realisation that truth has been and is now being sought lessens the shock and we welcome the veil being lifted as you so eloquently put it. Of course I fear what else lays hidden to us the terror and shocks we must feel as the truth emerges often rocks us but I really do believe we will be a better human being and take more interest in what is going on around us , by questioning what we sometimes accept without knowing , to know to really know I feel we must question . I really admire our young people because they question everything and probably often get frustrated by some of us adults that through fear sometimes live oblivious to the reality. As you say we really have nothing to fear from truth as it is good and goodness is rewarded with more goodness , I better stop ha ha , I feel an essay coming on , your article set me thinking ,Kind regards Kathy.

  2. Said of the old self-sufficient peasantry in pre-industrial England:

    “The tradition of the old order was crumbling fast… Cobbett’s ‘the commons of England’ had become ‘the lower orders’. … the end was in sight. The end of what? Of a self-sufficient country England living by the land, cultivating it by husbandry and associating liberty with small property. It was not poverty that broke it – that was a secondary cause. It wasn’t even imported cheap and foodless foods. It was that the Industrial Revolution and the Enclosures between them demolished the structure and the pattern of country life. Their traces long lingered like those of old ploughed fields on grassland in the rays of the setting sun. But they have been all but effaced today, and now we plough and sow and reap an empty land. One thing only can ever re-people it – the restoration of the peasantry. But that industrialism does not understand. Catastrophe alone can teach it to understand”.

    H J Massingham in Flora Thompson’s ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’.

    Just as you say Colette, apocalypse is sometimes necessary for change to occur.

    Love and light to you x

  3. Fascinating and wise, as always. I learned something new – and I love ancient languages and mythology, so I’m surprised I’ve never looked into the meaning of such an oft-used word.

  4. Thank you so much for such wise words…so many hear the word apocalypse and instead of opening up to the “learning” and new revelations, they chose just the opposite. Fleeing in fright and over reaction. I was taught to open myself to “learning” to listen, to study, to think, and then use. You words are so refreshing. Thank you for sharing…

  5. I love your blog. You are an inspiration to the many following you. As you say…knowledge is power. Planted 3 more trees after visiting Beltaine Cottage in early June. Hopefully they will survive the bitter winter months ahead. Planted with love… so I am sure they will.

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    “A wonderful post by Colette explaining the origins of the word “Apocalypse,” along with some inherently positive aspects to that word and concept. Some of you may already know this information, but as always, the photos are worth the click-through!”

  7. Love it love it. Very insightful. My only wee picky point is the metaphor of truth as shield. Rather than blocking attacks as armor does, in my experience, truth melts the weapons hurled against one. “Big truth” that is. Or it makes the weapons insubstantial, vanishing like smoke in a breeze. The crystal sword turns out to be made of salt, and the truth is warm water. Neither of these metaphors is right either. But maybe closer

    Anyhow. I loved this posting today. Brilliant!

    Cheers, Mark


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    A wonderful post by Colette explaining the origins of the word “Apocalypse,” along with some inherently positive aspects to that word and concept. Some of you may already know this information, but as always, the photos are worth the click-through!

  9. Your garden is looking greener than mine. Even when rain is forecast, I don’t hold my breath. I have always used the hose if it was really dry, but we have all been metered, to make sure there will be enough water for the fracking. I used to be very careful with water years ago, but was incensed to hear on the evening news that Ascot racecourse had used three MILLION gallons of water over the course (pun) of the summer. Hope we get some real rain soon.
    Your seed saving Colette is to be congratulated, I hear Monsanto is buying up the heritage seed companies. We must all save what we can!
    Bless you.

  10. Just hang in there…. feel we need nerves of steel to witness, even if we don’t personally experience, the horrors occurring in the world today……. I wanted to send you a photo of my little courtyard Colette, but can’t work out how to do it

    • We do what we can, when we can and “don’t lose the run of ourselves,” as my grandmother used to say! Any problems with sending pics…find a teenager and haul them in to sort it out…they can be useful you see!
      Blessings X

      • Of course!!! I actually love my teenager and all his gawky friends…. they are like spikey, bolting plants emerging into the sunlight!

        • On a more serious note ,relating to blog, of course Revelation is the name of the last book in the bible, which is about Apocalypse.

  11. too many people find the truth hard to accept,hence the negative connotations of the word. This is a very perceptive piece on a wonderfully uplifting site.

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