The Spirit of Bealtaine

permaculture at 019

Even though the day has been drizzly, most of it has been spent out on the land, cutting, pruning and clearing.

permaculture at 018

The paths need cutting back to keep them open.

It’s hard work, but there’s lots of brushwood and thicker bits for the stove.

permaculture at 028

Leaves are laying a thick and colourful carpet on the ground.

permaculture at 029

It’s good to be outdoors.

The air is invigorating!

permaculture at 043

The light is more silvery and as the trees shed their leaves, more can be touched by the low autumn sun.

permaculture at 041

The Goat Willow has grown remarkably well over the past ten years, creating canopy and helping to establish a healthy woodland floor.

Now it’s the turn of greater trees like this young Ash, to take the reins and establish woodland that will see the next century and more!

permaculture at 045

Many of you have followed the journey of Bealtaine, as the gardens have taken the small tentative steps into woodland.

It has been a magical journey and continues to enthrall and inspire me and all who visit on foot or online.

The spirit of Bealtaine has emerged from a small, desolate piece of land…

permaculture at 049

It is heartening indeed to hear from so many of you who are inspired to plant trees and heal the Earth…it is so very important that we do this!

permaculture at 051

I am hoping to be able to get a landline link so as to get a reliable Broadband connection.

This will make uploading blogs and videos much faster and reliable.

Uploading a five minute video takes over an hour with the present connection.

Sometimes it fails at the last minute and I have to begin the process all over again!

The initial cost of getting a landline installed is quite expensive.

If you feel you can help at all with a small donation, it will be greatly appreciated…blessings X


  1. I have made a small donation Colette. I hope it brings you closer to what you require. It will show up as Peter. I look forward to your posts all the time and I’m glad to help in any small way. The blog is very inspiring and I have been busy gathering seeds to grow trees in the spring once they come out of their dormancy. This will be my first time to grow them from seed. It’s very exciting! All the best and I hope you had a happy birthday!

    • Thanks so much Peter for your generosity of spirit…I will soon have enough. It’s so lovely to hear appreciation of what I post for Mother Earth. We are a growing band of devotees who work for her and feel blessed to do so. The Divine is at work and play!
      Blessings and yes, I had a lovely birthday XXX

  2. Have made a small donation Colette, which will show as Kenneth. Just looking at the pictures of Bealtaine soothes my soul as indeed does your whole blog. I am so looking forward to your book. Karen

  3. Trees have been calling to me for months. The area I moved to in the desert foothills in California USA and so so many tress are dying. I want to do something about the fact that Californians seem to plant trees willy nilly and then leave them to die. It’s quite upsetting to see. I feel like dragging around huge containers full of water to give each starving root a drink.

  4. thank you for all you do to bring a ray of hope and a wonderfull vision of a way forward in such a time of gathering storms. I look forward to your post.

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