Energizing Change


Decorating the cottage has been under way over recent days.


It began with a thorough clean and dust which inevitably led onto other things…painting and moving furniture, as well as painting furniture!


This is what happens when one starts the process…Quentin Crisp once said that it was a never-ending task once undertaken…however, it has come to a close, for the moment at least!


Even the rough carpentry I attempted ten years ago at the beginning of my tenure here, looks appropriately renewed, if not perfect.


The results are here for you to see and I am happy to have a cleaner, brighter kitchen, as well as an easier to use sitting room and all on a budget too!


The paint on the walls, a slate grey, is actually masonry paint for the outside walls of a house…bequeathed to me as leftovers from a friend of a friend…it works well and is much tougher than interior matt paint.

I have taken bags of stuff to the charity shop, as well as giving much away to friends.

All are happy and most of all me!

I have a dedicated area for the juicer as I intend to do a lot more juicing in the coming year.

I have little excess stuff and so feel much lighter, both physically and spiritually.

My little cottage has space to welcome more of Mother Nature and that I am very happy about indeed!

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  1. It is amazing what a little sprucing up can do! The cottage looks wonderful. It seems to be that time of year to clean out the indoors spaces and make them cozy and warm for the winter activities. I’ve already decluttered our kitchen and living room. I enjoyed the new space so much I’m planning to clear out the entire basement over winter. 🙂 You blog always inspires me to keep working and keep moving forward. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Seems like energising change indeed… I am about to attempt something similar to start 2015 off in a positive direction. Merry Christmas!

  3. Your home looks tidy and fresh. And it was made possible by using recycled paint-awesome. Wishing you and your a safe and enjoyable mid-winter celebration. XXX Johanna

  4. Collette

    That slate grey is quite a pleasant colour – it sets off other colours too. Fun.

    Question: what’s this new camera you have? Make, model? The pictures are much improved. And you got it second-hand, yes? Great! Where from? I’ve been looking at getting a decent camera and I don’t want to buy a new one.


    • Thanks…I like the colour too!
      The camera was bought at CEX in Enniskillen, a store buying and selling cameras, phones, computers etc.
      it’s a Sony cybershot, fairly recent model I was told. It’s 20.1 megapixels, DSC H300…I understand little of all this to be honest, but trust the guy who sold it to me…he understood what it was I wanted.
      It’s a great store, but probably far away from you! However, my suggestion is this…wait until Xmas is over and people have bought new stuff and looking to offload their old stuff…there will be bargains to be had in local terms…lots of sites for buy and sell on the net that are local.
      Blessings XXX

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