Permaculture Cottage ~ Many Magical Trees

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

The Life Force of Trees

It was a common belief, long ago, that many conditions could be cured by bringing the patient into contact with the powerful life force or MANA represented by trees…

Nearly 800 trees have been planted here at Bealtaine and there is something so awesome about trees that makes me want to get more land and keep on planting. 

Today has seen the transplanting of another 20 or so Birch trees, seedlings rescued from the road verge before the tractors mow the grass.

More Buddleias for FREE!

Managed to pull up 3 tiny Buddleias from the gravel around the cottage…gravel makes an ideal seeding ground for many plants and trees.

These too have been potted on and will make fine specimens for planting out next year.

Birch Trees

This is a little Birch sapling planted only a few weeks ago and already grown over a foot…

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2 thoughts on “Permaculture Cottage ~ Many Magical Trees

  1. Trees bring the soul back to life. After my son died in a car fire, I hugged the tree in front of my shop and it was amazing. I could feel it life beat and it soothed the pain. Did this whenever I was to sad to work. It helped heal me and the tree also grew to half again as high as the others on the street. I guess it needed me too… Love your blog…


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