The Dominant Motive


Why should we all labour to enrich the banks?

It is when profit becomes the dominant motive that the cycle of disaster begins.

~John Seymour


This month, March 2015, saw one of the biggest and certainly the most expensive building in Europe to be opened, amid a flurry of protests.


It had cost over 1.3 Billion Euros to construct in a time of imposed austerity.

This monstrosity was the new headquarters of the ECB-European Central Bank based in Frankfurt in Germany!


This has come in the midst of some of the most severe austerity ever imposed on the people of Europe post WW2.  

There is little more to say…it speaks for itself!

Woodland at 006

Mother Earth is blissfully unaware of man-made austerity…she just keeps growing and giving for those who tend her with love and care. permaculture (6)

Hope for the future abounds!


Mother Nature, left unfettered, knows no austerity!


The abundance of the Earth is pushing through at a fast rate here at bealtaine Cottage and this is because  the earth here is treated as sacred, nurtured and fed.


On the same subject, I read this piece by George Monbiot recently… 

“We’re treating soil like dirt.  It’s a fatal mistake, because all human life depends on it.” ~George Monbiot  


This is so important if we are to avoid hunger in generations to come…we must give back to the Earth, for she gives unrelentingly to us all.


On a related subject, I was thinking about the mantra I live by…”Don’t throw it away, there is no away!”

 It’s time to introduce a deposit scheme on every take-away piece of packaging!


Make it worthwhile for rubbish to be collected and returned!

 If every plastic bottle, cup, bag,etc had a deposit attached to it, there would be no rubbish on roadsides in Ireland!


It is clear that the present economic model works by imposing its waste products on the environment!

This has got to change if there is to be any sort of decent future for our children and grandchildren!


On that note, time for a large pot of tea and a chat with Sammy-Bear!

I have spent the morning updating the Seeds for Sale page…here’s a link to the Permaculture Seeds Treasure Trove…

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  1. Education and incentive are powerful allies to Mother Nature.

    Not only education of children in schools about environmental concerns, but (mostly) in the home. Children learn by example, and it’s important that they are given the opportunity to grow green foods and look after the environment, so that Nature will in turn, sustain them.
    In the years to come, I feel this is so important.
    Plants are our friends and best medicine. I’m a huge believer in herbs (instead of pharmaceuticals) to heal – internally and topically.
    We need to keep the green traditions alive, so that they aren’t swamped and swallowed by “big pharma”, and it’s our duty as adults to guide our children in a simpler, effective way.

    With awareness and empathy for the environment, much can be achieved.
    It’s a battle, but we must have hope – and pass that on to our children.

    Government incentives should be in place to encourage more recycling and less waste.
    Here, one state has a “container deposit scheme” which has effectively worked to reduce plastic waste on the roadsides and in waterways. The rest of the country’s states have been sitting on their hands, slow to take on the scheme. Sadly, the state we live in rescinded a once existing deposit scheme – madness!
    Our environment minister (I use the term loosely) has stated that, “current recycling programs are good enough”. But that is not the case. And, shame on a government that doesn’t consider every viable option to reduce waste.
    However, I feel the tide is turning, and with people power, pressure will hopefully encourage the whole country to install a national scheme.

    It takes incentive, education and time.
    The first two, we need to implement and get the ball rolling, because the latter is running out.

    • Once again, an intelligent and articulate analysis of current waste issues. It seems to me that followers of this blog, particularly women, are “doing it” “getting it” and are miles in front of the politicians….let us lead and make them follow! As all great warriors…lead from the front!
      I salute you!
      Blessings X

  2. We have the same thing going on in the U.S. In our city they are building a multi million dollar sports arena when just a few miles away we have homeless populations living on the streets and by the river. The fact is that most middle class and no poor families can afford to attend arena events. Its all mostly to benefit a small group of special interests. They also tried to pass a law to charge a small fee for all plastic bags. However the companies who manufacture them were able to defeat the attempt. Our plastic and aluminum beverage containers do have a fee and a return value. Many of our jobless and homeless have made a career in recycling them for a small bit of income. Only a very small number of items that could be recycled are in the county recycling program because the infrastructure and third party vendors willing to purchase them and process them do not exist. The policy rules and funding to implement these needed industries do not yet exist. But they are imperative. There is an island the size of a small continent floating in the Pacific consisting of plastics and other non biodegradable junk. It is a horror story. Out of sight out of mind. But one day it will float to our shores and we won’t be able to ignore it any longer. It is a struggle to keep one’s peace of mind midst all the counter constructive intention going on in the world today. We must not allow it to disturb our peace but yet we must keep vigilant and make our voices heard. With our voices united we will eventually influence the policy makers to change our course for a more sustainable future. Just think what a wonderful world it would be if all people and governments of the world were dedicated to recycling and sustainable care for the earths gifts. And for the care of mankind and all of God’s creatures over the love of money and power. There is so much opportunity in this paradigm shift to goodness. .

    • Well said! And we will prevail, for Mother Earth cannot cope with anything less than respect for her domain. I know it is possible to create Heaven on Earth…did so in 11 short years. That message is powerful if we can get it circulating more!
      Blessings XXX

  3. All we can do is laugh at the fools who are so misguided that they think building a “temple” to money is important or relevant. The flip side to austerity is very positive. Because people have less money, they consume less, buy fewer non-essentials and therefore there is less rubbish to be thrown away. People who cannot afford to go to their GP are probably better off as their bodies will heal in time and they avoid paying for dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that only suppress symptoms anyway. And there is less money then going to the pharmaceutical companies who are hand in glove with biotech companies such as Monsanto. Austerity can stimulate the imagination and stop people becoming zombie shoppers as necessity becomes the mother of invention. Garden is looking great, hope mine catches up soon.

  4. I used to worry about all the big things, like what you mentioned above. Finally, I realized I couldn’t change any of that. I can change what happens on my small patch of earth and in my home. I am much more content now.

  5. Beautiful and inspiring. Planning to turn my own small holding in West Ireland into a permaculture haven once i am a more knowledgable about it. Did it cost a lot to plant trees and plants initially? i have a small budget. Living near London at the moment.

  6. thanks for your wonderful inspiration – we’re going into autumn down here but I am finding working outside , with my soil, it my incentive to keep moving forward.

  7. The degree of waste that I observe in my corner of the world is frightening.

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