Common Ground

It is the small, unsung bits of humanity that bind us together…

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland 006

In a world that appears to be coming apart at the seams, we are reminded, on a daily basis, by the mainstream media, that we are separate and divided on many levels.

permaculture orchard at 001

There are many aspects of our lives where we disagree.

I know how that works, for I was born and raised in a place of separation…Northern Ireland.

Permaculture at 012

As I grew, left home, went to university and raised a family in London, I became aware of the importance of common ground.

London is a melting pot of over twelve million people, where the essence of living harmoniously is to be found in common ground. 006

I held an allotment for many years, a place where cultures met with great affection shared for what was beneath our very feet…common ground.

It served us well as we grew food, shared seed, advice and barbecues!

10 July 2014 044

I continue to share common ground with my…

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9 thoughts on “Common Ground

  1. Could you please post a few photos of yourself? I keep thinking you’re a “young” woman, maybe my daughter’s age (35-40), but here you talk about having been married, rearing a family and living in London before you moved to Ireland, what 10 years ago? Maybe you’re more my age (60s), which is very encouraging because I have not given up on the dream of living (back) in the country again (I’ve lived in the country, including in Co Kerry, Ireland, many times in my life although not currently). I love your site!


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