Healing our Environment and Saving our Earth.

…if humanity is to survive.

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Jan 12 Bealtaine Cottage 002

The weather has been mild and very damp, ideal for mushroom growing. Polytunnel this morning at Bealtaine Cottage with Che Mousy Bear strolling through!There are lots of these growing in the tunnel.

Though it’s not actually mushrooms I want to talk about today.

You see there are things on my mind that are troubling me…

jan 12 Bealtaine Cottage 009

Biting the Hand that feeds YOU!

For if we are to live in the world as we know it, then we have to make changes…

veranda at Bealtaine CottageMother Nature gives, and we take. Most of the time we give nothing back…nothing!

Jan 12 Bealtaine Cottage 004For the past hundred or so years we have demanded and taken more and more!

Bealtaine Cottage midsummer morningThe killing fields of World War One left mountainous mounds of dead
and gave us our agriculture of today,

We are what we eat.

Jan 12 Bealtaine Cottage 008


From that day to this we have almost drowned Gaia in chemicals!

wild honeysuckle on the table at bealtaine cottageChemicals to force food from the ground.

Chemicals to kill Gaia’s workforce; bees, insects…

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4 thoughts on “Healing our Environment and Saving our Earth.

  1. Unfortunately, it seems that mankind simply cannot live upon the earth without being parasitic, and some more than others. Not only do we want a huge range of different foods, garnered from all quarters of the earth, we also want to live forever. This is all greed. If only we could take brother Cadfiel’s advice and “be content”


  2. im so overwhelemed by your web page..ih have just lost my twin brother and i found your page so coomforting,,will def be visiting bealtaine cottage in future to cope with grief..absolutely fantastic and so comforting


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