They are all around us…take heart!

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland 020

Embracing one’s journey means being ready for change. 022

To be ready, one has to be open and receptive.

This morning I searched for an explanation of what I experienced in my dreams; the kind of dreams that seem real, so real you get confused, almost trapped between two realms; that of sleep and wake. 023

Before going to bed, I went through the usual ritual of walking Jack around and under the trees near the cottage.

The moon was full and very bright…it had risen late. 032

The night was still and the moon was rising in a cloudless sky.

sustainable living at 024

The West of Ireland enjoys many nights of star-filled skies and amazing moons, but last night there was a strange feeling in the air…something akin to an ethereal experience.

sustainable living at 019

My rational mind simply couldn’t engage with it; I couldn’t explain what I was feeling.

I must have fallen asleep quite quickly after…

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5 thoughts on “Angels

  1. About two weeks ago, recovering from an injury, I was relaxing on the sofa when I fell into an in-between state. I was surrounded by light beings, so many there was no space between beings -, then Archangel Raphael came and embraced me. I feel asleep, when I woke up I was astonished. I knew nothing about the Archangels. I’ve since learned a bit and am aware of his presence when ever we need, simply to call upon him. I feel it is my sacred blessing to give where-ever and whenever.
    I do love your Cottage and your reflections. I thank you. In the morning I will send in my donation.
    I will be in Westport 6 October, then to Sligo for a meeting on the 14 . Perhaps I may visit you? I leave Dublin 21 October.
    What might I do to arrange a visit?
    Alexandra Ellen Appel

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  2. I cannot just read this particular post and go rapidly onto something else. I shall ruminate on this one. . So full of tones and overtones


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