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They are all around us…take heart!


16 years of Goddess Permaculture through the Bealtaine Project at Bealtaine Cottage, West of Ireland. Colette O'Neill is a writer, photographer, environmentalist and teacher who has devoted the past 16 years to turning 3 acres of derelict land into a woodland sanctuary for all life, planting over 1,100 trees in the process. Colette posts prolifically across Social Media, encouraging planting of trees and regeneration of Mother Earth. Her life energy is now devoted to the Great Goddess, Mother Earth!

5 thoughts on “Angels

  1. About two weeks ago, recovering from an injury, I was relaxing on the sofa when I fell into an in-between state. I was surrounded by light beings, so many there was no space between beings -, then Archangel Raphael came and embraced me. I feel asleep, when I woke up I was astonished. I knew nothing about the Archangels. I’ve since learned a bit and am aware of his presence when ever we need, simply to call upon him. I feel it is my sacred blessing to give where-ever and whenever.
    I do love your Cottage and your reflections. I thank you. In the morning I will send in my donation.
    I will be in Westport 6 October, then to Sligo for a meeting on the 14 . Perhaps I may visit you? I leave Dublin 21 October.
    What might I do to arrange a visit?
    Alexandra Ellen Appel

    1. Hi Alexandra and welcome to Bealtaine Cottage.
      There are many people awakening and connecting to a spiritual dimension on many, many different levels. Angelic encounters is one of the many ways this is happening. I receive a lot of communication from readers on this awakening.
      Email me on

  2. I cannot just read this particular post and go rapidly onto something else. I shall ruminate on this one. . So full of tones and overtones

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