1. Also, I was wondering if you could speak a moment on what you start your seedlings in, what is the composition of your starter mix?

  2. I must agree with you & everyone here, numbers have tremendous meaning and can show us the interconnectedness of all, if we are willing to pay attention. I find myself noticing numbers that appear to me again and again. And numbers and nature, once I learned what was happening there, it really blew my mind!
    I love the podcasts, they always arrive when I am settling down for a cup of afternoon tea and just long enough for me to finish the cup. As always, thank you.

  3. Numbers must have meaning.. but what came first the pattern or the numbers we created to represent them?. You can’t deny that pattern and order is the perfect design of Nature. Just look at the Fibonacci sequence, also referred as the Divine proportion… found in all of nature from the iris of our very eyes, the growing patterns of all plant life, to the spirals found in the cosmos. And in music as well. It is most amazing. I am in complete awe of the beauty and wonder of creation. Masanobu Fukuoka (One Straw Revolution) said that trees left alone and not interfered with by man will naturally grow branches according to this pattern. It is only when we begin pruning them as seedlings do they develop unnatural tendencies to have branches grow into each other and over lap. Even leaves on flower stems emerge in this perfect Fibonacci pattern. It is so very amazing. Thank you so much for another wonderful podcast.

    • And it was so very interesting to read what you have to say here…these are truly areas of our lives that hold real meaning and are massively interesting to be able to explore!

  4. A room of one’s own is so important to finding who WE are, I totally agree.
    Shared space – with family and friends – is wonderful indeed. It’s our community space. A place to nurture through food, discussion and emotion.
    But, we truly find our Selves waiting for us in our own space.

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved – and kept to – the quote by Thomas Browne, “Be able to be alone. Lose not the advantage of solitude, and the society of thyself.

    This was very important to me as a child especially, when I sought solitude from abuse.

    As they say, every man needs a shed. His “mancave” or den.
    And, we women also need a room of our own. Even if it’s a small space.
    Once for me, my garden rooms were an important place of healing and discovery.
    Now, I am grateful to have my studio/sewing room. A place to fuel the creative fire within.
    And one day, I will once more have a sacred garden space – which my soul yearns for.

    I have always loved the number 13. A connection to what I was once told was, “a bad thing”, sadly.
    Some superstitions distorted over the centuries, and coloured against “the wise old ways”, led to unfounded and unnecessary fear in some people.

    My numerology number is 3, and I often wonder if that’s another reason why I feel connected to 13.

    It took many years of marking on calendars before I too realised there was a recurring pattern of 13 in my menstrual cycles – akin to the moon – as you say here. And set my on my path of herbal healing, working with the cycles.

    I’m really enjoying these insights and reflections in your podcasts, Colette. Your warm humour, intelligence and generous spirit comes through, loud and clear, in the wonderfully lyrical inflections in your voice 🙂

    Love Enya BTW 🙂

    • This is a great liberator of knowledge, this internet…sharing like this is enabling an evolution of human consciousness to take place at a fast rate, despite what the MSM may say. Thanks Vicki for your insight and sharing. I read these comments with thoughts developing for what I may next have to say.
      Blessings X

  5. Interesting how numbers work in our lives. I have a tattoo that pays homage to the sacred three, seven, and thirteen. It is a trinity (three points) with three swirls from it with another seven dots along the swirls. It is quite lovely to me and reminds me of the sacredness of my life and any life. There is the Golden Mean (truth, good, beauty); the Holy Trinity; the 13 cycles; the sacred 13 (Christ and the Apostles) and on and on and on. One cannot say that numbers have no meaning who is at all aware… I enjoyed the podcast greatly! Thanks!

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