The Memory of Trees 031

They connect us…to Earth and to Heaven.

Their roots reach deep down into the Earth to an ancestral connection…trees remember…


  1. “The earth holds the memories of the great oaks”.
    That touched my heart… with sadness for the earth, but also with hope – for there are those who will work to restore what once was.
    One day, I hope to visit your beautiful country and breathe the energies of the ancients…

  2. Lovely podcast Collette. I have some Ash seeds from you and was abut to ask when to plant them and now I will wait until March – or is the March the month to plant them out?? Also, can you advise re oaks because I have a handful of acorns that I picked up in London in September. Do you think that acorns from a municipal park will germinate? How long does it take and do they need a frost? Thanks xxx

    • Follow Mother Nature…the seeds drop and are covered with leaves that help embed them in the earth, where they then germinate. However, seeds can be saved for many years too. Experiment…sow one or two now, then a few in March…enjoy recording what happens, where you place them, what you feed them etc. Acorns from a park will germinate as readily…maybe even better in the beautiful climate you give then in Connemara. Frost helps and they will germinate by early to mid spring!

  3. Thank you Colette, that was the missing link, sand! I too like to use my own compost but it’s never worked so I’ve resorted to a seed starter mix (pricey). I will give the sand a whirl, I have a 3 year old, no shortage of sand around here!

    Your fellow countrywoman (and a Canadian too), the botanist Diana Beresford-Kroeger is also on a mission to repopulate the planet with the old growth trees,the 2 of you would have a fabulous chin wag if you were to ever meet 🙂 She has written several books, she is brilliant.


  4. Yes indeed do the energy and memory of trees transcend the ages for time has no power over the divine energy of life. These thoughts call to mind a very favorite song that goes to the far recesses of my soul and calls forth that memory in me as well – dear Bonnie Portmore.

  5. Love your writing (and philosophy.) I too feel such a connection to the trees…we have 47 majestic White Oaks…I see them as portals to the underworld. Donna at The Small House Homestead http/

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