Bealtaine Cottage


2016 is a year of transformation for Bealtaine Cottage.

Changes are being put into place this month in preparation for the year ahead.

Last year was the busiest year ever for visitors to the cottage…I lost count somewhere around June and with almost every day welcoming new visitors, work on my writing and gardening began to suffer as a consequence.

DSC08019I was guilty of what many enthusiastic people are guilty of…spreading myself too thinly! Already I have many requests from would-be visitors, so have made the decision to take a year off from opening the gardens.

DSC08020There is so much work to be done, as I have plans to create new beds and paths around the three acres. Talk about work…I haven’t even had time to move my Lemon tree in from the veranda! Thank goodness it’s been a mild Winter!


The Kale I planted into the old wheelbarrow has…

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8 Replies to “Metamorphosis”

  1. thanks colette, i follow your blog and videos when i can…how does the law stand on your dry toilet, i have one before abroad but as i am moving back to ireland i wonder how a dry toilet is seen? i have no toilet facilities except a dry toilet at the moment, but keeping my head low !
    keep up the good work and thanks for sharing..


  2. I found your blog while warming myself by our fire one cold, rainy/sleeting/snowy afternoon as the seasons shifted from winter into spring. Your wonderful videos of home, gardens, fairy bowers, trees, mountains, and Jack and Bear have inspired me! On a very practical topic: our cabin uses a non-flush toilet, and I’m wondering: do you have advice on how to set up a system to process the human manure? Ratios of materials? Looks like you have large rubber garbage bins for the composting process….Thank you for your reflections and enlightened passion to serve our Mother Earth, Colette! Blessings, Martha

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