Letter From Christine…


I often receive letters and emails from those who have visited Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens.

DSC02042I treasure them as the words therein inspire me to keep on this busy path of sharing Bealtaine and caring for the Earth.

DSC02041This evening I have taken more photographs to share with you, as I share the words penned by Christine, who visited Bealtaine some days ago.

DSC02040Thank you dear Colette for the wonderful time with you in Bealtaine Cottage yesterday.

DSC02039We felt so nourished and inspired, your inspirational company, wise words and delightful home so full of beauty, vitality, and a healing presence. 
DSC02038Almost like a dream for me waking this morning and feeling – wow – I was actually sitting with you yesterday in your garden, stroking Jack, enjoying our conversation, my eyes feasting on the plants, flowers and trees, the sounds of the light rain, the chimes, the birds and your soothing voice…a real treat. (Of course eating your gorgeous vegan brownies too).
DSC02037We all feel very grateful to you.

DSC02036It’s a total inspiration having you create and share Bealtaine Cottage and being not far from us here, a ‘wake-up’ and an eye opener! 

DSC02035 We each felt so comfortable, at ease and at home…of course many questions bubble this morn inspired from our visit. 
DSC02034And also some grief…some of what you shared about deep sadness for how we are living as a civilisation, how we have lived with such lack of respect for the earth, the animals and plant kingdoms and also each other.

DSC02033Such disconnection…and some of that being reflected in the challenges we have to face…
DSC02032We went up to the Queen Maeve Cairn at Knocknarea after leaving you…such breathtaking views…

DSC02031I felt very grateful and blessed for good souls like yourself, living from the heart, soulfully, passionately, the warrior energy to follow one’s own heart-calling and live it, a real warrior path…takes courage tuning into one’s own heart, not that of the tribe or the need to be accepted and fit-in.
DSC02030So thanks again dear Colette. Much love to you, to Jack and Sammy Bear and of course your beautiful space and it’s healing spirit. 
Christine x (Nick and Raphael xx)” 

DSC02026On this night of the first new moon of Lughnasadh, I am content to be compared to a warrior.

DSC02025For, in so many ways, my journey to this point has been a battle at times…not with Mother Earth, but over the twelve past years, on my own, when I have had to motivate myself to stay with the project.

DSC02024There have been times along the way, when I have felt nurtured by others, the kindness of strangers on the internet who have supported me when I have needed it most.

DSC02023Serendipity has played a huge part in the Bealtaine Project!

You know who you are…and my blessings are many and often as I think of you!

DSC02022This year has witnessed a beautiful maturity in all I have planted and continue to love. I, in turn, feel nurtured by Mother Earth… There is a lot still to be done as we move into uncertain times. 

DSC02021There are important messages to share that empower us to act in support of Mother Earth, such as I share on my Twitter and FaceBook accounts…

DSC02020Digging Mother Earth releases into the atmosphere…and why I don’t dig! DSC02018Likewise… absorb from the air, through the small holes (stomata) present on the lower side of

DSC02016We are putting out double the amount of that can be absorbed by plants on Earth…Plant more!

DSC02015Carbon is a gaseous food absorbed by plants…so let’s plant more!

DSC02014Social Media is a powerful tool and can be used for great good in getting simple messages like these out there!

DSC02013 And, like all old warriors, I’ll just keep on keeping on!


Bealtaine Cottage Good Life membership is 12 euros per year and allows me a small income to continue to grow the Bealtaine Project both here in Ireland and in the hearts and minds of good people all over the world.

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  1. I am so very happy I found you Colette, browsing on utube. I watch faithfully.
    I love everything, feel like it is my home away from home. I love Jack. I miss SammyBear and Beauty. I have been planting madly for 30 years and realize now subconsciously I was honoring Mother Earth. Thank you for bringing this to my awareness.
    Your friend in Oswego, NY – Amy Felt.

  2. Colette, I meant to add I have recently discovered a search engine (I apologise if you already know of this) called Ecosia who use at least 80% of their profits to plant trees in Peru, Madagascar and Burkina Faso – each time you search you are helping fund this :-). What a refreshing change from Google haha. It is very quick and lots of info on their work on the site. Blessings x

  3. Oh Colette, the sheer beauty that shines through your photographs today has took my breath away!….I love to read your blog at the start of my day with my morning brew – you are akin to a mantra for me – to keep on believing a change is coming and working my own little bit of Eden each day that I can. Having followed you for a few years now I can so see the maturity and coming together of Bealtaine that you speak of, there has been a definite change in your pictures – a fullness and such a calming spirit shining through. Oh how I wish I lived close enough for a visit. Blessings lovely lady from ne England xx

  4. Collette – at some time can you go indepth on how you trim your apple trees? I would love to grow apples but don’t want to have to be on a ladder to harvest them! If you could start with what types you planted, that would be very helpful too. Thanks for all you are doing for Mother Earth!!

    • Braeburn is one and Katya is another…that’s all I can recall. As for the pruning, it’s probably best to seek out a video or two on Youtube as that’s where I went for advice…and am still confused…I really just try my best to keep them in check and at a reasonable height.

  5. Hello Colette, lovely letter and post, my Mum and I enjoyed our visit with you and it has opened many ideas and thoughts about ourselves and how we are living – in fact you came into my head the other day when I was struggling with something and I saw you and what you are doing on your own and thought ‘wow, how wonderful to keep yourself motivated and doing so much on your own with your spirit and strength’. The thought got me to get on with it and allow my fears and doubts to surface, heal and be acknowledged so I learn more how to accept myself and to allow myself to come forward. Many thanks and all the best, Barbara

    • Yes Barbara, it was good time spent exchanging ideas…I have had the past 12 years to learn how to live on my own and soon realised how ridiculous a waste of time fear was! It’s quite liberating!

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