1. Ages ago, both my great-grandfathers would gaze out the windows at the snow dancing and bare tree limbs reaching to the sky and remind we grandchildren-great-grandchildren, that winter was the busiest, most alive time in the year. All hidden, they told stories of all the mysterious hidden life hidden away and death and life melting together as the year moved on. Generations of farming (not-agri-business) in the Bluegrass had taught them all a deep appreciation of life, the beauty and absolute necessity of cold and snow and frost and ice. As many of the old families in the Bluegrass spring from Irish and Scottish heritages, of course, many old old stories of Celtic and Welsh faeries and frost sprites and Jack Frost and the Ivy King and the Oak King were told by the snapping crackling fire!

    A few days ago, our younger son visited again the area of Ireland my husband’s family came from before they immigrated to the United States. As my husband grew up, he was told tales by his great-grandmother (who never stopped pining away to return to Ireland and kept in touch with all her cousins and family until she died), he has his stories too. Our son was deeply moved, being and moving about the country and streets his great-grandparents knew.

    As always, I so dearly love your blog here and the pictures inspire us as we carefully bring back our teeny tiny (barely one acre) of sorely abused “lawn” and landscaped property here. I remember so much my grandparents taught me but working on this clay, which was badly abused for over fifty years is a real challenge. Yet, in just three years we have lovely gardens and a small orchard (we saved the sixty year old apples trees) and our flowers and roses are lovely. (Even if our house stands out on our street!) No chemicals, no lawn-services. no power tools.

    Wishing you all the best of the season!

    • How absolutely wonderful and magical Jennifer! Our roots are important and remembering is important too. Most of all, our connectedness to Mother Earth is what matters the most on this magical little ball in space and time. Blessings to you and all you care for XXX Colette X

  2. We have a very special Winter Solstice/Yule celebration happening here, so in case I forget: Merry Yule to you! xxx Laura

    PS: in case I also forgot, and I believe I did, a very belated Happy Birthday to you. Things have been so busy here with sessions and the little ceremony on Yule that anything not firmly on my calendar, it pretty much slipped out of my head! Big blessings …

    • Thanks and Blessings to you my dear friend Laura…and have a simply marvellous celebration of the wonderful days ahead! XXX The Blessings of the Deep Midwinter to you and all your gathering.

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